How to Boost Your Immune System to Fight Off Diseases

April 21, 2020
Fight Off Disease

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It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver – Mahatma Gandhi.

Your immune system is the greatest asset that you have and it is your responsibility to take care of it and to make it even stronger. From thousands of years old Ayurveda to Modern Medicine, we are all trying to improve the quality of life through a healthy lifestyle so that we can have a better immune system to fight off diseases. But, we ought to remember that our immune system is a system and not a singular entity; hence, it all works in synchronization and harmony. In order to live a better life, we all have to have a balance in everything we do- from our daily intakes to workouts. Here are some ways that you can use to boost your immune system.

No Smoking: We know that you have heard a million times but for good reasons, right? Smoking is injurious to health. Put all your might and determination into quitting it, trust me you will feel better once you do. Spare those lungs, now will you?

No Smoking

Have a Balanced Diet: Oh! How we would love to eat pizza for dinner every day and Ice-cream for lunch but that is not going to do us any good. Once in a few weeks, it’s absolutely fine to go gaga over food but the rest of the days, make sure you are consuming a healthy diet consisting of veggies, fruits, protein, and fiber. Also, make sure you’re getting those good fats and OMEGA-3 fatty acids in! If you drink alcohol, make sure it’s in moderation.

Balanced Diet

Vitamin C & Vitamin D Supplements: Supplements are not to be taken without a doctor’s advice but Vitamin C & Vitamin D are the most common supplements out there that can be consumed by most. Vitamin C is required for growth, development, and repair of all body tissues. Vitamin D, on the other hand, regulates Calcium levels and maintains phosphorus levels in the blood.


Workout Regularly: In order to keep yourself fit and fine, spare 30 minutes a day for a series of light to medium exercises. It can be anything that you like from Zumba to Yoga or just running on the treadmill or even free dancing- you’ve got to just move that body. Always remember the goal of exercising is to release oxytocin which is the happy hormone. You’re not punishing your body but celebrating what your body can do.

Working Out

No Stress, Hope For the Best: We understand that the current situation can be a little stressful and it’s easy to be anxious but stress is not going to do us any good. It also increases the chances of heart disease and it changes the hormone levels in your body drastically. It’s more harmful than we think. Take a deep breath and practice meditation whenever you feel anxious. Listen to calming music or talk to a friend, laugh at some jokes!

No Stress

Get Your Beauty Sleep: In order to be fully functional, our bodies need 8 hours of sleep and no compromise on that. Although it is difficult due to our busy schedules to get proper sleep, we have to learn to manage it. Cut some time off from social media use and scrolling through your phone. Have a routine of going to bed early so that sleeping doesn’t feel much like a task.

Beauty Sleep

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