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10 Iconic Bollywood Movie Mothers & Their Dialogues

April 9, 2020
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Famous Dialogues of Bollywood Movies on mother

Apart from dialogues, Bollywood has produced some of the most dramatic mothers in the world, showcasing why mother is important in our life.

While our moms need constant updates on our whereabouts, the B-town momma can detect her child from literally outta nowhere. And if that was not enough, she can just patiently wait decades for her sons to reincarnate and come back, as if it was a blink of a second.

Here our mothers would take the entire world by storm ringing us even before we have reached the party venue. Bruh….our moms ain’t got no chill man! 

But still, sometimes we do feel the ‘reel-life mom’ is just the carbon copy of our ‘real-life moms’. There have been so many occasions in so many movies where we turn to our mothers and say: “that’s so you—mele mein bichde the kya!”

So, we decided to make a list of 10 everyday life situations when our dearest mothers give us a juicy dose of some Bollywood maa-lo-drama:

1. When your mom is watching her favorite TV serial and you suddenly switch the channel

kya isi din ke liye

Sach kahun toh….

mujhe nahi pata

2. When your father said ‘No!’ and you try to bribe your mom

Tu abhi itna ameer

Toh phir kya fayda aise paison ka!

throw the money

3. When you ask Mummy to increase your pocket money

pata hai tujhe bhindi

Itna ghuma firake ke kyun bol rahi ho….

just say no

4. When you ditch the puja at home and go out with friends

jis maa ne tujhe janam

Accha baba galti ho gayi, mangta hun bhagwan se maafi…. 

holy cross

5. When Sharmaji ka beta gets better marks than you (as usual!)

yeh din dekhne se pehle

Ab aapko kaun samjhaye ki woh SHARMAJI ka beta hai….

it is weird and confusing

6. When you don’t bargain with the shopkeeper bhaiya


Are mummy agli bar cashback le lenge, bass…..

you need to relax

7. That moment when you bring free dhaniya, pudhina (and kadi patta of course!)

kabali radihka apte meme

 Bas mere percentage se bhi aise hi khush ho jaya karo….

that would be great

8. When you ask your mom to stop scolding you (and that too in front of your homies!)

main naukrani hoon kya

Theek hai….

maybe i should say

9. When you try to convince your mom for a night out she refused a hundred times

keh diya na bas keh diya

Main toh aapka accha baccha hoon na….

dont do this to me

10. When you tell your mom “ghar ka kaam karna toh aapki hi duty hai!”

are beta isse bhi koi neech



Another bonus one, kyunki maa kehti hai gyarah shubh hota hai!

11. When your mom starts ‘the awkward conversation’ with you

Aurat ka shareer ek band gufa

Biology padhi hai maine Mummy!!!!

stop it please

Well, we hope that you must have found your mom’s doppleganger by now. Till then, it’s time to ask your mom, friends, and colleagues- how do they find this ‘10 Iconic Bollywood Movie Mothers & Their Dialogues’ relatable AF. If you have liked this blog then you will love our next read too- Interesting Things To Do at Home During Lockdown

And lastly, before your mom comes and says you “Saara din phone pe laga rehta hai, tujhe meri fikar hi kahan hai!” Give her something that makes her go “Jug Jug Jiyo Mere Laal!” Check out some amazing gifts for mom right here – Mother’s Day gifts from IGP.

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