Everyday things that have changed since Coronavirus got here…A Pun Read!

March 20, 2020

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‘CORONAVIRUS’… Did you just go like not again I’ve had enough! We know over the past weeks, all of us have been hearing this term over and over again. It is the prime topic of every discussion, be it in our social circle, at home, at work or even on the news. Coronavirus has a strong PR game going at the moment and has taken the world by storm with this undue presence. Don’t stress; we are not here to bombard you with more information on the virus. We are here to take the stress off it and give you a few moments of joy to breathe. 

We’re not saying this pandemic isn’t severe but on the brighter side, did you notice men washing their hands and even sanitizing them after *Some surprised expression*. Yeah well, that is really happening. Okay, men, this blog isn’t about taking a dig at you or something, this is just us bringing you regular everyday things that have changed since our not so dear Coronavirus got here that too fully uninvited… A Pun Read with all fun intended! Let’s go

Here are everyday things that have changed since the Coronavirus got here – 

1. Handshakes 

Before – Elaborate handshaking, hugging & air kissing


After – A Namaste is all you get! 

2. Sneezing in Public

Before – Strangers Blessing you with a smile


After – Hey what the hell! Get outta here stare 

3.  Men!

Before – Ain’t no germs got the guts to come close to me!


After – Washing hands for no damn reason

4. Food <3

Before – Foodie’s Paradise 


After – Ughh veggies

5. Travel Plans 

Before – Seeing exotic locations in real life


 Now  – Seeing exotic locations in reel life

6. Couple’s 

Before – We’re inseparable 


After – Sorry babe, we gotta stay away

7. Beer lovers 

Before – Get us a chilled Bucket of Corona beer


After – Get me any beer but Corona

8. Parties

Before – This is life


After – What life is this!

9. Work

Before – Teamwork!


After – Alone Work

10. Weekends 

Before – Let’s hit the bar!


After – Quarantined…what would I do without you Netflix!

Hang in there, we are all in this together. Make being quarantined fun with our blogs that will keep you entertained. You might also like our fun read on ‘Things Millennial Women Need To Stop Worrying About…Now!’


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