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Things Millennial Women Need To Stop Worrying About..Now!

March 6, 2020

‘Millennials’, ‘Generation Y’, ‘The Boomerang Generation’ – one generation many names. Let’s go by the most famous name ‘Millennials’. The Millennials were roughly born between 1980 – 1996 (as per data available on google) referred to as the ‘Me’, ‘Me’, ‘Me’ Generations by the coveted Time Magazine. But why are we talking about these Millennials what makes this generation so important and talked about? 

This is the generation of today and women are leading this gen. Millennial women are better educated, 72 % of them are employed; that means our Millennial women are outperforming Millennial men and how!

They have a Greater Civic sense, they’re aware and address environmental, social, cultural and political issues openly. They want to make Earth a better place to live. They discard the traditional career paths laid by Baby Boomers – they make their ways. They are pragmatic idealists, they are real, transparent and daring to take any risks.

Our Millennial women are dashing in every aspect and here are 10 things they need to stop worrying about right away – 

1. Sshhh… Speak softly you’re so loud 


And you’re so dumb

2. Still Single?


Still stupid?

3. Come back home early



4. Don’t go out alone



5. Aghh…you’re moody again is it that time of the month for you?


Just shut up

6. Watch what you eat!


Watch what you say, hun

7. You sure you wanna drive?


No, I wanna slap you first

8. Oh! You’re the feminist kinds


That’s not feminism but you wouldn’t know

9. Don’t tell me you don’t like the attention


Ok. Stop. You Cannot be serious about this

10. Settle down with someone don’t think you’ll marry Prince Charming


Ahh…that’s called having standards

11. You will have time for your career. Get married first.


You can’t be serious man

12. You would look better in long hair


And you would look better with your mouth shut

Share this ‘Things Millennial Women Need To Stop Worrying About…Now!’ with the sassy millennial women in your circle and let them have some too! If you liked this blog you will also love to read our blog on ‘Celebrating the Genius Minds in History Women’s Day Special’.


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