Your Safety Comes First

Dear Customer

To ensure your safety, we have taken all the necessary steps and are strictly following the govt guidelines to help curb the spread of the outbreak. Here’s what we have done:

Masks, Gloves and Sanitizers for Everyone

Masks, Gloves and sanitizers have been provided to all our employees, including our logistics partners. Everyone is instructed to work only after using them.

Strictly Following Social Distancing Rule

All our staff is maintaining social distancing at all costs, be it within the team or outside the warehouses and offices.

Continuous Sanitization of Workplaces

Our warehouses and offices are being continuously sanitized with disinfectants. Everyone is maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.

Strict Hygiene Practices for Cakes and Confectionery

Strict hygiene practices are being followed by our bakers while handling the products and equipment.

Careful Packaging and Delivery of Products.

All flower bouquets are carefully covered with paper before delivery. Cakes are kept in proper box packaging to avoid external contact.

Regular Health Check-up for Employees

Most of our employees have been allowed to work from home. Regular health check-ups are being done for employees working in our warehouses.

Restricted Entry in Warehouses

Entry of people in the warehouses is restricted to our warehouse employees only. No one from outside, including our logistics partners are allowed to enter the warehouses.

Request to Our Customers

Please practise social distancing while receiving your products. Always remove the product packaging and discard it soon after receiving the products. Sanitize your hands after removing the packaging. Keep the cakes in the fridge when not consuming it.
Disclaimer: Due to the current circumstances, certain gifts and pin codes are not serviceable.

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If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to write to us at or contact us on +91 22 43433333.

Stay vigilant, Stay safe

Team IGP

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