How to Keep Children Engaged at Home during Lockdown

March 27, 2020
Keeping Kids Engaged During Lockdown

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“Mommy, Daddy look at this,” “Mommy, what does this mean?” “Daddy, play with me” – You must have heard these lines at least 100 times this week; it’s always nice to spend some quality time with your kids but not at a cost of losing your sanity. This lockdown has been difficult for parents, let’s face it! No school, no exams; we can’t even blame the little ones for acting like they are on a joyride. If you are a working parent or if you are both working parents then this lockdown has been quite a nightmare, right? Managing to work from home and the kids, arghh! When will this all end? You are obviously home-schooling them and wondering how teachers manage them all; you must be tired of their hundreds of questions being thrown at you. Sometimes, you are clueless and you are looking for help, you wish someone, someone would give you some suggestions on what to do with these little angels who are acting so devilish during this lockdown. We heard you! Here are some ways to keep the children engaged at home during Lockdown.

Kids During Lockdown

Access to Cartoons: For the rest of the year, it might not be such a great idea but during the lockdown, let them enjoy it! You need your peace of mind, you need to concentrate on work so it is absolutely fine if they can have an extra hour of watching peppa pig as long as they learn something good from it.

Kids Watching TV

A Snacky Promise: Now, this is no trick! You make them a healthy snack and they promise to be quiet in return. Or even better, ask them to help you out while you prepare a delicious snack. This will simply keep them busy in a productive activity. Let them feel the comfort of your company while you prepare a healthy snack like a PBJ or Fried Banana or a delicious fruit salad!

Healthy Snack

Let Them Paint: Let those little Michelangeloes have some fun! It is time to see their inner creativity out on the paper. Give them the stock of all sorts of colours and you never know, they might surprise you with their creations. Bob Ross will be proud!

Kid Painting

Work on Their Weak Sides: Now is the perfect time to get them engaged on what they are a tiny bit lacking; could be their handwriting or their reading skills or their crafting skills; practice, practice, practice! After all, practice makes one perfect! They can spend more time in mastering these skills.

Kid Writing

Prepare Them for Future Studies: It’s a fact that kids have missed out on their schools and learning. Nevermind, you can make up for the lost learning and prepare them for future studies by homeschooling so that you don’t stress out when the schools start. 

Future Studies

Add a New Hobby: Now’s the time to pick up a new hobby! As long as it doesn’t involve going out, you never know, you might have the next Beyonce sitting on your couch, right now! Remember, consistency is the key!

Kid Singing

Puzzles: Great way to keep them engaged. Puzzles are great fun and the kids learn a lot from them. It is indeed quite exciting; so, Puzzles will keep them engaged for a long time.

Kid With Puzzle

Virtual Sports: Time to keep the Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo off child-lock and give the kids access to play games that will also keep them physically/mentally active. Tennis, Chess, Golf and Soccer are great options; as long as they don’t call out “Mommy,” again, it’s all good.

Virtual Sports

Reading Comics: Yes, they can read the new marvel comic that you were saving for them until summer vacation. Let them be busy in a fictional world during this lockdown!

Kid Reading Comic Book

Online Classes: Whether Ballet or learning a new instrument, there are fairly enough online classes present that will keep those little hands and feet engaged while you get on with your household chores. Even learning a new language, how about that? Next family gathering they can surprise the guests with “hola! Como Estas?

Online Class

Now that you have some idea on how to keep the children engaged at home, you can go ahead and give our punny blog about Coronavirus a read!

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