Friendship Day


July 14, 2018

What is the best gift for friendship day?

The first Sunday of August is perhaps the most significant one in a calendar year. It’s a day to cherish irrespective of the age group you are in. It’s the Friendship day. It’s quite strange that the world started observing friendship day only after 2011 although many inspirational stories about friendship are ages old.

Friendship can never fall under the category of relationship. It’s a bond without boundaries. Be it a class bunk, a late night movie show, secretly meeting your girlfriend, passing the exams, suspension from the class, getting into a fight or achieving your dreams, a true friend has never shied away to stand by your side. He will turn out to be the sole mate even when the world decides to stand against you.

A friend can withstand your anger, foolishness and shortcomings which possibly no else can’t. He can get into an ugly fight with you but will break the face of the one, trying to create problems for you.

It is sometimes not possible on your part to open about your unconventional dreams before your parents. But, a friend will surely help you with some suggestions which might end up to be the right push you wanted. Have you ever thought of an occasion when you weren’t happy to see your friend? It barely exists.

Even a message from your friend can turn on your mood when you are feeling low. Friendship boasts of an emotional connection which might sometimes be unacceptable on the part of the society, but it is tough enough to withstand all odds.

A friend not necessarily in need can also be a friend indeed. For cherishing such an unconditional and never-ending bond, even a lifetime will fall short, but some gifts can surely complement its existence. A special friendship will surely require a special surprise to complement it.

A weekend getaway

As the friendship day is observed on the first Sunday of August, a weekend getaway will never fail to impress your friend. Take your friend/friends to a place where your group had always wanted to be. Friends usually get bored with repetitions. So, try finding a new place. Trekking, partying, sea surfing, river rafting are some crazy things that your group can engage themselves in.

A house get together

If you are busy with your work schedule, you can ask everyone in for a house gathering at your place. You can have food, drinks, games and some quality time together.

A customized gift

It’s pretty difficult to please a friend when it comes to materialistic gifts. Try gifting your friend something which he can never imagine even in wildest of his dreams. The more you keep him guessing, the happier he or she will be. It doesn’t matter even if you are light years away; a gift can really help relive those memories you have shared. You can some of the best personalized friendships day gifts online for your buddy on IGP.

A long drive

This will be a perfect gift for your childhood friends. Book a vehicle and go on a city ride with your friends. Try to relive those childhood moments on the streets. Dance on the streets, eat the street food, play around, be a bit mischievous just the way you used to be in your childhood.

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