Friendship Day

Top Ten Friendship Day Gifts to Surprise Your BFF

July 28, 2021

Friends are the family we choose, they’re our support system, they stick with us through thick and thin. Although we often take them for granted, let’s be honest, life without friends is empty. We crave their affection and attention, after all, they are our partners in crime, sometimes our mentors, sometimes our companions. Friendship Day is the perfect day to showcase and shower love on our dearest friends with a token of appreciation. Here are Top Ten Friendship Day Gifts to Surprise Your BFF and we have curated them based on their personality 😉

For the friend who loves to keep memories in photographs, personalize this with pictures of you two together and surprise them


For the friend you have the most fun with, they’re always your partner in crime


For the friend who can’t stay away from sweets and has always got a sweet tooth


For the friend who is a bookworm and sometimes prefers books over your company, well, give them a surprise they’ll love and let them know that you refuse to be replaced by books


For the corporate big boss friend who is often in formals


For the diva who loves exotic aroma, surprise her with this exclusive perfume set accompanied by delicious chocolate bars


A scrumptious cake to be cut together to celebrate the moment, this one’s for friendship. Personalize it with your favorite picture together to make it insta-worthy!

For the friend who spends most of their day sitting on a desk, spruce up the ambiance by gifting this adorable and convenient desk lamp, it is multifunctional and unique


For the friend who is fashion forward and always keeps up with the trends, he is going to appreciate this one for sure!


For the friend who is always there for you and the one you’ll always be there for too, this adorable dreamcatcher will be a token of your forever lasting friendship


Now that you have our list of Top Ten Friendship Day Gifts to Surprise Your BFF, how about you do the same for your bro this year, check out our exclusive Rakhi collection to surprise bro on Raksha Bandhan

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