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Har Ek Dost Kamina Hota Hai-A Friendship Day Special

July 10, 2020
Friends Selfie

Life is never the same with your #kaminey dost. They are always busy making your life a rollercoaster ride. With so much fun and excitement around them and the friendship day being just round the corner (30th July), we thought of making our list of every kamina friend ever. Read on to know more about their kaminapanti and, of course, the reason we love them for life. So, let’s meet our lovely kaminas: 

 1.  The ‘Plan Cancel-wala’ Dost

Plan cancel popatlal meme

This one person on earth has cancelled more travel plans than all the airlines & railways put together in the history of mankind. From your ‘hum goa jayenge’ utopia to the ‘yaar, chal na aaj bahar khate hai’ cravings, he or she, is the one who will put up a nasty full stop on all your potential plans with excuses like ‘yaar, mood nahi hai’, ‘kaam kitna badh gaya hai’, ‘tumlog jao na, mujhe pics bhej dena’ and this one is really the most scary of all‘thik hai dekhte hai!’ But don’t worry, he/she is your best buddy when it comes to saving on outings, coz simple, outing kabhie hogi hi nahi! Lol, the joke’s on you.

2.  The ‘Party Dede’ Brigade

Anushka Sharma Party Meme

The reason you hide your birthday from all your social media accounts, and never post or share any news about achieving milestones is because the party dede brigade is always on the hunt. You got the first rank, they want a party. You failed in maths, they still wanted a party. You are in your first relationship, they definitely want a party. You got a job, they robbed you and got a party. But, even though you go bonkers on your forever party-hungry friends, they always remind you life is a celebration after all. By the way, friendship day is around the corner. So? Party toh banti hai!!!!

3.  The ‘Party Nahi Dunga’ Buddy

Radhika Apte Meme

Oh! This one was no brainer after reading the previous one. Well, be it you or that nonchalant friend, he/she will blindly reject even the slightest proposition to what can be defined as a party. There are no if’s and but’s. In fact, all your party ideas and requests are swiped left incessantly by this cruel monstrosity of a buddy. Nonetheless, he/she taught you the most important lesson of life after papa, and that was, NO MEANS A NO! Yep, even before it was a thing.

4.  The ‘Udhari Ki Dukan’ Dost

Doraemon Udhaar meme

It all started with giving him a goddamn protractor at school. But now, you have practically adopted this buddy-child of yours. From giving him a lighter, even cigarettes, to paying him some extra cash coz change nahi hai, this one friend has made you realise that udhari is not a choice, but a way of life. Remember, he is the one who asks you for a sheet in every office meeting when you are carrying a designated notepad. And forget pens, coz he/she forgets them too. But still, you love this freeloader champ, coz he/she has given you the life ka anthem ‘Jo tera hai, woh mera hai; jo mera hai woh tera! 

5.  The ‘Panga Na Le’ Pal

Kabir Singh Angry Meme

This one friend warns you of the consequences of skipping the anger management classes. Yes, your squad may consider him/her the daredevil of the group. But, secretly you all know that this devil is far too daring. From picking fights at the club, to creating a ruckus when someone misbehaves with your gang; he/she is the savior you wish had come with angel wings and not devil horns. Nonetheless, even with the obvious anger issues, he/she is the pal who will come running even at 3-am in the night for you. That’s sweet!

6.  The ‘Office Bitching’ Club

Office bitching meme

The sightings of the office bitching club are more frequent near the coffee machine, staircase, cafeteria, and the smoking area. But if you are lucky enough, you might even catch these creatures into some serious action right after the conference room meetings. But not until you are part of the cult! Remember the chai breaks you had with all your office mates literally ‘Dis-Cussing’ the appraisals and repenting the job offers you all rejected. Pure blissful memories for life! C’mon they are one of the reasons you try and love your soul-sucking job.

7.  The ‘Bas Pahuch Hi Raha Hoon’ Friend

Nawaz Late Meme

We know you are still waiting for him/her. Yes, this one person makes you wait more than true love makes people wait in their lifetime. Be it a movie, outing, concert or even your performance at the office annual fun day, this person is always on the run of ‘bas pahuch hi raha hoon.’ But we all know, the world might reach new heights, but this person won’t reach the venue at least 5 minutes before packing up. But still, he is the only one to teach you the lesson of punctuality, at least for yourself. 

8.  The ‘Video Call Seflie Leni Hai’ Squad

Video call meme

These new species of friends are a gift to our pet peeves collection, and thanks to the lockdown for that. Whether you’re bathing, or in the loo, or managing your life at the work-from-home crisis, this squad is all upon you with zoom call requests. And once you agree for the video call, you very well know that there’s one friend with a stuck-up smile who is secretly clicking screenshots perfectly at the time when you are making weird faces. We are sure this won’t get any weirder than this, but of course, that’s what made you smile in the lockdown!

9.  The ‘Bhai ki Setting Karani Hai’ BFF

Desi boys wingman meme

You never remember making any proposition to him/her to be your wingman or wingwoman. But still, after your parents, this person makes you realise that you are ageing and it is high time for you to get married or at least commit to a serious relationship. No doubts, from thereon, he/she has tried to pair you up with almost every random stranger at the club, office or even while travelling in the metro. But, this toughest competition to Tinder is the one who always gave you the courage to speak your feelings to your crush. Well, that’s cool, isn’t it? 

10.  The Forever Chuddy Buddy

Betaal friend meme

The ‘yaaron ka yaar’ and your ‘before anyone else’ even before your BAE; he is practically the lost twin from Kumbh Mela. From sharing the same lunch box at school to doing your first internship together, you have never imagined life without your chuddy buddy. In fact, this person is sometimes too close for comfort, always clinging to your back like Betaal. And when you start dating, he/she gets so insecure that they are already playing ‘tera yaar hoon main’ on loop whilst sending you on a series of guilt trips. But, you know what, it was this person who gave you the courage and trusted you that you can manage things single-handedly when you moved out of your home. Well, that’s what chuddy-buddies are for, ain’t it? #ForeverFriends

Hey mate, this brings us to the end of the ‘Kaminey Dost’ compilation. While you figure out who’s the who in your gang, we say you can also read our blog on Best Rakhi & Gifts for Brother in Raksha Bandhan 2020. Also, look out for the best surprises for your homies right here: Friendship Day Gifts 2020.

Till then, love all your Kaminey friends and wish them the HAPPIEST FRIENDSHIP DAY EVER!

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