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Lifestyle Changes We Need to Implement in 2020 to Stay Safe From COVID-19

May 27, 2020

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While we lived our daily routine of what was a ‘Normal Life’ for us, a tumultuous catastrophic event hit us from nowhere and brought our lives to a prolonged standstill. Life was a race for us, and we did not stop for anything or anyone. And while we ran that race blindly, an epoch of our life took place that has now marked the beginning of a new way of life of what will soon be the ‘New Normal Life’ for the human race across the globe. It isn’t a crisis we could be prepared for; it is a crisis with no precedent, no set of rules to follow whatsoever. Even the most technically advanced super-power Nations have failed to deal with this virus. This mutant virus is so powerful that not only has it jumped from its original animal mammal host to the human host, but it is also pernicious because of its asymptomatic nature. It has forced us to change the way we live, humbled us and made us do things differently.

Out of all the bad things Covid-19 caused, including giving us deep OCD’s we may never be able to get rid of, it has united us as one. So, while all the great minds have set out to find an antidote to combat this virus, and now that we know this virus is here to stay for some time, let’s throw some light upon the dire Lifestyle Changes We Need To Implement in 2020 To Stay Safe From COVID-19.

1. Maintaining Social Distancing All The Time.

The primary reason this contagion grew from a small province in China to, today, the entire world is because of not maintaining Social Distancing. Being a mutant virus, this smart virus shows no symptoms. Anyone can be a carrier, so maintaining social distancing, i.e. the physical distance of 6 feet, about two arms distance, is imperative. Avoid crowded places, greeting people with a hug, handshakes, sharing food, sharing makeup, sharing anything you use on your body with anyone; all these are a part of Social Distancing. Why? If in case of someone close to you coughs or sneezes the droplets in the air; may contain the Virus. If you are close to them, you end up inhaling these Droplets and get affected by the Virus directly and become a carrier yourself. So, instead of handshakes, start following the Indian practice of saying ‘Namaste’ with your hands folded.


2. Wearing A Mask & Disposable Hand Gloves.

Make sure you have a new clean Mask and Disposable Hand Gloves on every time you step out in a crowd. Keep an extra pair just to be on a safer side. Purity is sure a virtue, but Paranoia is a disease. So, only wear a mask in crowded places not otherwise because it interferes with your breathing. Coronavirus does not stay in the air. Do not touch your face with your hands without sanitizing them first. Why? Our hands unknowingly touch a lot of surfaces; hence if you touch them to your eyes, nose or mouth, the virus gets an entrance to your body. Who knows, what we saw as an apocalypse in movies would turn out to be our reality someday!


3. Sanitizing Everything with an Alcohol-based Sanitizer.

By now the bug of doubt has entered our mind and made it’s home in our minds. We sanitize not only our hands but every item that comes in our household. Why? We don’t know who has touched the particular item and from where it comes. There are 100% chances of it being a carrier of the virus. Yes, even non-living things can carry the virus up to 3 days. So, we first sanitize the grocery items, packages, milk packets etc. with a sanitizer and then use it. Fruits, Vegetables, Chicken & Fish are also to be sanitized with baking soda, thoroughly washed then consumed. Even the furniture in your house that places that you touch the most like doorknobs are to be sanitized. We are so obsessed with Sanitizing for all the good reasons that this one habit will surely remain in the future for our peace of mind.

4. Eating Right.

Though Corona Virus is highly contagious, it’s not deadly to all. A strong immune system can fight the virus on its own without any external help and help get rid of it. So, eating immunity boosting foods for all is a must. Watch what you eat, avoid the junk, eat a wholesome home-cooked meal. Eating right is not a cure but a precaution to build a robust immune system stronger than the virus. Also, don’t forget to heat your food before consuming them, especially if you are in the office environment.


5. Exercise!

We cannot emphasize more on this one. Immunity is not just built by staying home and eating right. It takes more effort than that. In fact, immunity is greatly weakened by always staying in a sterile environment.  Even if you eat immunity-boosting foods, please indulge in some form of physical exercise daily. This is a lifestyle change you need in general not just because of the Coronavirus. Do not procrastinate.


6. Drink Gallons of Hot Water.

By hot water, we don’t mean boiling hot. We mean water that is warm and can be consumed without it burning your tongue. Drinking hot water is considered to boost your immunity. The only side effect is you’ll be visiting the loo more often, but we’re sure that’s a better situation. Don’t forget to carry your own bottle wherever you go.


7. Wash Your Hands Frequently.

Better safe than sorry. Wash your hand before you touch your food or face. Washing your hands with regular soap is enough. There is no need for an anti-bacterial soap. Remember it’s a Virus, not a bacteria. There’s a difference. Washing your hands kills the Virus. Remember to follow the 20 seconds rule while you wash your hands frequently.

8. A Medical Insurance Is A Must

You don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on hospital bills, do you? Investing in Medical Insurance is the need of the hour. Secure yourself and your family with insurance, not just to keep yourself and your family safe, but also to attain peace of mind in such dire circumstances.


9. Avoid Crowded Places

As per the government rules, all E-Commerce websites are now back in business. So use it to your advantage and order all your essentials like grocery, soaps, shampoos, masks or medicines online. You can also celebrate upcoming festivals like Father’s Day, Rakhi or Birthday’s by sending Gifts, Cakes or Flowers online. This way, you can stay connected with friends & family while staying safe indoors.


We may have to live with COVID-19 for months or maybe even for years. And while it’s important to not deny panic, it is also important to not let it get to you. We have to learn to live with it. Life goes on. Just bring these lifestyle changes and your good to go. If you liked this blog, please give our blog on How to Boost Your Immunity System to Fight Off Diseases and 11 Common Food Items That Help Boost Immunity a read.


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