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September 28, 2013

Throughout the world one festival that finds a mention in the homes of Indians is Diwali, the beautiful festival of lights. Cleaner homes, new furnishings and clothes, gifts for family and friends, crackers and the choicest of sweetmeats are some of the memories associated with this festival.

Prince Rama is supposed to have returned to Ayodhya on this auspicious day with his wife Seeta and brother Lakshmana after spending 14 long and arduous years in jungles.

The people of his kingdom celebrated their return by lighting hundreds of lamps to welcome them. Another legend tells us that Lord Krishna and his wife Satyabhaama defeated and killed Demon Narakasura and brought peace to the Devas (Gods) in Heaven.

Whether you are celebrating the festival in India or the U.S., IGP.com finds a special mention as none of the occasions are complete without gifting something to your loved ones. If you are reading this blog from any part of India and wish to send your favorite cousin in the United States of America a gift on the occasion of Diwali, avail of our Diwali offers and free shipping options from IGP.com.

It just cannot get any better this season of gifting your loved family and dear friends from the variety of gift options available on the site. The free shipping option to U.S.A. along with 3 other countries of U.K., Canada and Australia will make your e-shopping exciting as well as economical too. Paying in Indian Rupees and getting your most liked items shipped to your most favorite cousin or sibling sister or brother is altogether a different feeling, isn’t it?

They say that the best way to be happy is to bring a smile to someone’s lips. Sending Diwali gifts to your long lost friend whom you recently discovered on facebook or following your heartthrob on twitter and surprising him with a special something this Diwali, will remain exceptional memories for you. Imagine the warm smile on your friend’s lips as she lovingly opens the Diwali gift you so thoughtfully chose for her.

Choose from the several broad categories under Diwali Gifts US, which has Diwali Hampers, Sweet Combos, Chocolates, Dryfruit Combos, Diyas, Sweets, Snacks and Cookies, Gift Baskets and Hampers and Gift Cards for U.S. Each category can be further collapsed to meet the perfect gift that you wish to send to your family or close pals living across the Atlantic.

Send Diwali gifts to U.S. by choosing any gift from the vast array of gifts on the portal, pay and leave the rest to our expert care. Create your own ideas for gifting your extended family living in the Americas. Any part of U.S.A. Add to your gift box beautiful floating diyas that are raining on the site. Choose from the ‘crystal floating diya’ or the multicolor floating diya.

Then go for the many endearing Ganesha idols that have adorned the site like Shri Siddivinayak, Siddhi Ganapati or the Kadam wood Ganapati. You now have both the Lord and the Lamp.

All that is left is placing some sweetness of your love in the form of either chocolates or sweets. Lo and behold…you have a perfect Diwali gift to delight your sister and her family living in the Bay Area. Imagining her warm smile upon opening your gift box will warm your heart too back home.

Thinking of showing your love for your little nephew who could not accompany your brother to India this year due to his school tests? Send him a Diwali hamper containing mouthwatering chocolates like Gold Tote Gift Box, Lindt Classic Almond or the Ghirardelli Square.

Add a thoughtful Diwali card with the chocolate box. We bet your nephew would love to share the chocolates with his best pals at school and feel a sense of pride for his loving Bua back in India.

Really, making someone smile with your thoughtfulness is not difficult at all if you are ready to gift a part of yourself. IGP helps you pr.com ecisely to do that. Bring a smile to your loved ones this festive season! We wish you a heartwarming and happy Diwali!

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