Sustainable Diwali: Celebrate with Zero Waste

October 26, 2023
Sustainable Diwali: Celebrate with Zero Waste

Sustainable Diwali: Simple Tips for a Greener Celebration

As Diwali nears, the entire country gleams in Splendour & flamboyance of an incredible fiesta of lights. Even the skies light up with the mesmerising show of expensive fireworks.

There are no boundaries anyone has when it comes to celebrating Diwali. Everyone puts their extravagant foot forward to go all out in illuminating their homes to soak in the festive fervour. Traditionally speaking, Diwali is all about lighting earthen terracotta lamps in every corner of the house and even outside to spread the victory of good over evil. 

But today Diwali celebrations have turned into showbiz with the glitz & glam of flashy Chinese lights, enormous amounts of fireworks that cost thousands and end up polluting the environment, Scaring stray animals and pets, injuring people and many other consequences we don’t think of.

However, with a Lil awareness of your actions and small steps, you can celebrate Diwali with zeal without harming nature in a clean way. Here we are rolling out some easy step to make your Diwali Eco-friendly 

Get Comfortable and Cozy Up to the Idea of No Crackers 

Now you may find it weird to say ‘No’ to celebrate Diwali without crackers as it forms an integral part to soak in the ecstasy of Diwali, and we couldn’t agree less. But think about the sadness it causes your pets, scares the babies, breathing problems for the elders with increasing air pollution; like our factories and automobiles weren’t enough in doing the damage that we need more! Also, why would you want to burn your hard-earned money like that? Unless you have supporting swiss bank accounts *Just Kidding*

Bask in the Glory of Earthen Diyas

Diwali is all about lighting up your space but this year let’s do that with cost-effective Diyas! There is nothing more beautiful than simple Diyas. Also, life goes on post-Diwali so you don’t want to spend every last penny on electricity bills.

The Magic of Floral Rangoli 

This year, ditch the artificial Rangoli colours made of harmful chemicals. Instead, use nature’s wonderful creations- Flowers to create a beautiful Rangoli that will even smell marvellous.

Follow the Path that leads to Green Gifts!

Instead of sending expensive items that just boast about your spending power, opt for Plants as a Diwali Gift for a greener tomorrow. Even Vogue approves as Plants being the ‘In’ thing this season.

Recycle because Our Planet can’t handle more waste

Give the unsaid ritual of Diwali a creative twist. Instead of buying everything new to replace old with, find new ways of repurposing its use. Donating is another good option you might want to consider because Diwali is all about giving.

Wrap It Better 

Sure those glitter packages look alluring, but the trends are changing. Opt for jute or fabric packaging with pretty laces and still make a statement hard to beat.

Lay Low on Plastic

A clean Diwali cannot be possible with crossing out Plastic. Break free from Plastic in your choices this year.

Eat-in Plant-based Crockery 

It’s one thing to eat inexpensive Bone China Crockery for dinner entourages and always be worried about it breaking and costing you a fortune. But there’s nothing that can match the authentic banana leaf feels. Roger that!

P.s: It won’t break promise.

These small steps will surely cause a ripple effect for the greater good of planet Earth that is our only home. Also since Diwali cleaning is on in full spree here we have Pre-Diwali Hacks you will love.

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