Top 10 Most Expensive Cakes in the World

October 4, 2023
Most Expensive Cakes in the World

Most Expensive Cakes in the World

In the world of confectionery, cakes rule as edible masterpieces. These days, no celebration seems complete without a cake-cutting ceremony. The presence of a cake weaves joy and allows people to indulge in this sweet creation to savour life’s beautiful moments.

Luxury cakes are all about indulgence and opulence. Crafted with great attention to detail and culinary expertise, these become ordinary desserts.

Below is a list of the most expensive cakes in the world and what makes them special.

Cake Price Special features
Diamond Cake by Debbie Wingham $75 million Edible diamonds, intricate design
Prestige by Mervis Diamond Importers $35 million Edible gold, rare gems, luxury
Imperial Blossom by Takashimaya $25 million Intricate sugar flowers, delicious flavors
Nahid Parsa’s Luxury Bridal Show Cake $20 million Diamond-studded bride’s gown, edible pink flowers
Dimuthu Kumarasinghe Pirates Fantasy Cake $35 million Blend of many flavors, creative masterpiece
Masami Miyamoto’s Diamond Chocolate Cake $8.5 million Chocolate tree with 100 diamonds, celebration of chocolate-making
Cullinan Diamond Cake by Guillaume Sanchez $7 million Emulates the Cullinan diamond, intricate details, delectable flavors
Luster Dust Cake $1.3 million Edible silver dust, ivory fondant, edible diamonds
Platinum Cake by Nobue Ikara $1.3 million Edible platinum flakes, platinum chains, luxury and women’s empowerment
Fiona Cairns Royal Cake for Princess Kate $80K Eight tiers, intricate details, fruitcake flavor

Diamond Cake by Debbie Wingham – $75 million

Debbie Wingham is a fashion designer and multimedia artist by profession. She is also popularly known as the lady that creates ‘World’s Most Expensive’. She has created the world’s priciest shoes, a diamond dress, and the famous Diamond Cake, which cost $75 million.

It is a great example of culinary craftsmanship as the cake is adorned with edible diamonds. The ‘diamonds’ on the cake reflect light like genuine gemstones. Therefore, the intricacy of the design and the detailing made the cake the most expensive cake.

Prestige by Mervis Diamond Importers – $35 million

Prestige, a cake designed by one of the leading diamond distributors- Mervis Diamond Importers, takes cake artistry to new heights. The creation consists of edible gold and rare gems representing luxury and exclusivity.

It costs around $35 million and is reserved for those seeking nothing but the best. Renowned for their beautiful and rare collection of diamonds and jewellery, Mervis Diamond importers have left an indelible mark on the confectionery world.

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Dimuthu Kumarasinghe Pirates Fantasy Cake – $ 35 million

Chef Dimuthu Kumarasinghe’s brilliance lies in the fact that he somehow managed to bring cinnamon, yam, coconut, chocolate chips, pista, almond, white chocolate, coconut, cheese, pumpkin, lemon, and many other flavours into one cake. The harmonious blend of so many flavours makes the Pirates Fantasy Cake a masterpiece of creativity.

Imperial Blossom by Takashimaya – $25 million

If you want to see the fusion of art and confectionery expertise, look at the Imperial Blossom cake by Takashimaya. With a price tag of $25 million, it has become one of the costliest cakes in the world.

The creation has intricate sugar flowers and pays homage to the elegance of nature. The delectable blend of various flavours tantalises the tongue, and the beautiful display of florals becomes a treat for the eyes.

Nahid Parsa’s Luxury Bridal Show Cake – $20 million

Nahid Parsa’s beautiful $20 million cake was part of a Luxury Bridal Show in 2006. It is one of the prettiest cakes ever made, with a height of about one and a half feet.

The confectionery marvel displays a bride’s gown and is studded with diamonds. The edible pink flowers at the bottom of the cake capture the essence of romance and celebrate life’s most cherished moments.

Masami Miyamoto’s Diamond Chocolate Cake – $ 8.5 million

With a height of just about fourteen inches, the Diamond Chocolate Cake is the smallest one on our list of the most expensive cakes in the world. It combines the decadence of chocolate with the brilliance of diamonds.

The shape of the cake is like that of a tree that branches out while bearing beautiful fruits. The 100 diamonds on the cake make it a masterpiece celebrating the art of chocolate-making.

Cullinan Diamond Cake by Guillaume Sanchez – $7 million

The Cullinan diamond is the largest gem-quality ever found, inspired by the Cullinan Diamond cake by Guillaume Sanchez. A masterpiece in itself, the $7 million cake emulates the different facets of the iconic gem and stuns its viewers with intricate details and delectable flavours.

Guillaume Sanchez, a renowned chef with a reputation for combining culinary brilliance with precious gemstones in cakes, finds itself among the most sought-after confections in the world of luxury desserts.

Luster Dust Cake – $ 1.3 million

Created by Butch Stivers of the Dallas Delicious Cakes, the Luster Dust Cake is a culinary jewel, quite literally. It shimmers with edible silver dust and ivory fondant, adding enchantment to this creation.

The two hundred and forty diamonds studded in this cake stayed on public display during the Dallas Bridal Fair. The unique thing about this $1.3 million cake is that it is not edible.

Platinum Cake by Nobue Ikara – $ 1.3 million

Created by Nobue Ikara, the Platinum Cake is about luxury and women’s empowerment. It was sponsored by Platinum Guild International, which wanted to promote its platinum jewellery for women.

The beautiful cake was dressed with platinum chains, but what makes it special is the presence of edible platinum flakes covered in plain fondant and frosting.

Fiona Cairns Royal Cake for Princess Kate – $ 80 K

While the royals of Great Britain are known for their huge, regal cakes, the Fiona Cairns Royal cake made for Prince Willian and Kate Middleton’s wedding was relatively smaller.

It was only three feet tall with eight tiers and was decorated with sugar paste bows, ribbons, flowers, etc., giving it an intricate and detailed look. The fruitcake flavour of the cake and the culinary craftsmanship that went into it made it fit for royalty.

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