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June 16, 2017

Offering a gift is perhaps one of the most imaginative decisions you may need to take at some point. Why is that? Well, in most of the cases this is a decision in which you need to take the celebrated person’s preferences into account and this is not so easy.


Painted souvenirs, or photo portraits turned into paintings have gained a lot of popularity lately and one of the main reasons for this is the fact that they tend to please whatever the celebration may be. Who doesn’t want to see his or her face in a work of art? The effect of photo paintings is really enjoyable, judging from the reviews given by people who had this done by a friend who wanted to surprise them with a unique gift. You get a plethora of options to choose from in the handmade paintings. Buy painting online for your dear one who harbors the interest of accentuating the home with such beautiful artworks.

Milking The Goat Village Silk Painting

Milking The Goat Village Silk Painting

Getting one of these paintings done from your friend’s photo is an option by which you are most likely to succeed in amazing him or her the good way, as these kinds of gifts are both sentimental and original. So the only task left for a client of such artists is that of getting the favorite photo of himself or of the person he or she would like to surprise, send it to the artists and in a couple of weeks the final painting will be ready for delivery.


Gem Stone-Painted Jewelry Boxes

Gem Stone-Painted Jewelry Boxes


The process is very accessible for the ones who want to have their photos turned into works of art. They only need to send the photo over, to express their editing preferences and have a team of specialists deal with their paintings, starting from editors and ending with the photo painters. The clients are also offered the chance of asking for modifications in the final painting before declaring it complete and ready to get shipped.

Nritya Vandana

So the process is very accessible and the effect of having regular photos turned into oil paintings, watercolor, charcoal or pencil drawings will be outstanding.

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