Ganesh Chaturthi

The 2022 Way of Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi Safely

August 13, 2020

Do’s and Don’ts of Ganesh Chaturthi?

Ganesh Chaturthi is a popular Indian festival celebrated ever since the era of Shivaji Maharaj and years after reinstated by Bal Gangadhar Tilak, an Independence Activist in the freedom struggle of India. It is the time of the year when the ‘Elephant-headed God’ the deity of wisdom and the remover of obstacles is welcomed into our homes—followed by 10 days of extravaganza and rendezvous to celebrate the arrival of Lord Ganesha.

This year, the commencement of Ganesh Chaturthi is going to bring the sanctity from the 31st August to  09th September. Being a few days away from Ganpati, generally, this time of the year is seen to be the busiest. Hustle-bustle on the streets installations of colourfully decorated pandals, markets being flocked by street vendors &  enthusiastic buyers shopping for Handmade Lord Ganesha Idols, Decorations, Sweets, Mandaps, Lights, Puja Essentials & Flowers

But, 2020 is not a quotidian year owing it’s infamousness to the ongoing Pandemic, with a  myriad of restrictions imposed by the government for the safety of the Nation. People have narrowed themselves to safe confinements of their residences even on festivals to contain the spread.

While being safe tops the lists of priorities for 2020, but so does celebrating the auspicious festival like Ganesh Chaturthi. Stay glued to our blog on ‘The 2020 way of Celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi Safely’, cause we are about to spill the beans on how you can make the most of the upcoming festival without compromising on the joy it adds to your life.

Bring Home An Eco-Friendly Ganpati Idol 

Since public gatherings have been restricted in various areas, it is a possibility you may not get to step outside to immerse the idol. In such a scenario, the best thing to do is opt for an eco-friendly Ganpati made of soil not plaster of Paris. This way you can immerse the Ganpati Idol in a tub or bucket and then pour the water over your plants. No wastage and no bothering mother nature!



  • DIY Ganpati 

There is a high possibility of not being able to get a Ganpati Idol this year. But that in no way means you skip the celebrations with a heavy heart. Make DIY Ganpati with soil which is available in abundance. Doesn’t have to be perfect; your intentions and faith are what matters. If you have kids at home, they will surely enjoy helping you.




  • Get All Your Essentials Online

Now more than ever, everyone has learned the importance of technology and the need for online shopping. Use it to your advantage and order Sweets, Puja essentials and Decorations online. Make sure to do it well in advance cause you know limited resources and all that.




  • Use Digital Inventions!

Show your spunk and organise Online aarti sessions and timed meet and greets with family, friends and loved ones’ to make them a part of the celebrations. After all, they too might be missing the festivities.




  • Say A Big ‘No’ To Visitors 

Better safe than sorry is a saying that stands right in this situation. Don’t risk your life or that of your loved ones by letting people in your premises to worship Lord Ganesha. Follow the rules, don’t be a rebel without a cause.




Now that you know the changing ways to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi in 2020, do it in all your fervour. Not to be philosophical but change is invincible.  So without trying to fight with it, embrace it as a part of your life and live your life to the fullest. Our silver lining isn’t too far away. Also if you liked our literary work then give our blog on what type of ferns can beautify your home.


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