Spread Cheer this Mother’s Day

June 15, 2017

Call her by any name: Amma, Ma, Mummy or Aayee, she will always answer your call. Best selling American author Mitch Albom famously said ‘There is a story behind everything but behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begins’. There are a million things said about mothers but one thing that remains constant. The love a mother shares for her offspring, across all living species, is pure and true.
So when our mother provides, feels, feeds, cares and loves us throughout our lives what is it that we can do for her besides loving her back, respecting her and being considerate towards her? On Mother’s Day which is the festival of celebrating the love we have for our mothers, let us give her a part of ourselves. Treat her extra special and gift her something that she will cherish. Shop online at IGP.com and celebrate the festival of Mothers day.
Mothers Day Gifts
In these days of busy life and lesser time spent with family owing to pressures on time and space, gifting could be a good way to connect with your family and friends. Receiving a gift from you on Mother’s Day could further liven up the spirits of your mother.
Let us quickly move to the gifts section we have specially designed for you on our site at IGP.com. The popular gift choices include among others Mother’s Day flowers, cakes, hampers, religious gifts, personalized photo gifts and the premium range. The section on lifestyle and health have jewelry, perfumes, handbags, watches, personal care and clothing specially put together for your special mother this Mother’s Day.
There is not a single day when our lives are not touched by our mothers. Raising it, scolding us for not adhering to the values taught by her or taking pride in our accomplishments, a mother remains with us throughout our living moments. Surprise her this Mother’s Day by shopping for the beautiful brocade ladies bag from the Handbags for Mothers section. The 20 mixed colorful roses is a perfect choice for your lovely mother and can be delivered across 204 cities across India. If your mum digs for designer perfumes, Elizabeth Arden’s 5th Avenue gift set containing perfumes and moisturizing lotions is a good pick. If your mother has been talking of that long overdue stainless steel dinner set, this is your chance to floor her with the Dezinox premium oblong dinner set. Add a touch of fun to Mother’s Day and gift the funny kitchen plate “Mummy Da Dhaba” and send it with a bouquet of red roses and bring a sweet smile on your mother’s lips.
Whether it is a flower bouquet, a designer cake or a gift of your choice from IGP.com, live up to the moment and spread cheer on this Mother’s Day. Have a blessed Mother’s Day.


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