Grandparents Day

Reasons Why Grandparents Are So Important For A Child’s Upbringing

September 3, 2020

They said when God created little children he also created a bunch of two guardian angels (with invisible halos and wings of course) to protect, selflessly love and sprinkle a sort of stardust on these little ones’. And because God had a little secret to keep and did not want everyone to know they were celestial beings, he disguised them in the form of Grandparents. Now before you start wondering why we’re suddenly talking about Grandparents, we’re going to let the cat out of the bag – It’s time for Grandparents Day! The one day we get to celebrate these God sent angels in our lives who bestowed us with valuable life lessons, wisdom, endless bedtime stories, yummy treats, and love so pure and different from anything we would ever experience in our lifetime. 

Unlike before, where an amalgamation of multi-generations(at least 3) lived together happily, flocking to the cities for work, living in cramped spaces has given birth to nuclear families diminishing the prevalence of Grandparents. But in all this, our little ones’ are missing out on a lot. Because no one can do what Grandparents do. Don’t believe us? Here’s showing you why Grandparents are essential in moulding your children – 


  • Undivided Attention & Quality Time for Your Children

We know how much attention our little ones crave for all the time. But the daily hassles of a busy life don’t permit us that. But hey! Grandparents always have time for their grandchildren. They are more than happy to keep your little ones engaged, bestow them with undivided attention while keeping an eye on them. Not just that, they’re always passing on treasured life lessons of what’s right and wrong.



  • Playing Good Cop, Bad Cop

While parenting is a tough nut cracking job, Grandparenting is an oh so sweet lovable one. A child needs both a good cop(Grandparents) and a Bad cop (Parents): someone to spoil and someone to discipline. Striking a balance is vital. So while you impose restrictions, grandparents love knows no bounds. With grandparents around bedtimes can be a fun time and dinner can be ice creams and cookies—providers of unlimited stories, playtime, cuddles and kisses. 

  • Home Remedies for Everything!

Children fall sick all the time, and parents get worried because they are clueless about what will help the child feel better. They need to consult the doctor for everything. But grandparents have a hack for it all (even an apocalypse if there was to be one!). They’re the in-house doctors made by years of experience of raising children themselves. Grandma will brew her magic potion and make all the pesky health issues go away.


  •  Building Unmovable Self-Confidence

Parents are realists, but grandparents are believers. They believe in the magic of their grandchildren. They will always motivate grandchildren to be the best version of themselves by trusting in their ideas. For them, no one is or can be better than their Grandchildren.

  • Good Listeners

Children go through a roller coaster ride of emotions before they attain maturity. While they learn one step at a time on how to deal with life, they need someone to express too and also confide in. Grandparents never judge; they listen and give the best advice to deal with things.


  • In-house Entertainers 

In today’s digital age, it is impossible to keep children off gadgets. So even if parents make peace with digital devices and allow its usage to engage their children, grandparents are staunch believers in keeping children away from too much technology. They always encourage children to adopt the creative methods of keeping busy like painting, helping around in the kitchen, playing in the open, reading books or even just having a hearty conversation.


  • Best of Both Worlds

Grandparents and Grandchildren are always teaching each other something new. While Grandchildren teach the elders what’s new, Grandparents teach the old world charm. They are each other’s teachers and students at the same time.


If you’re the blessed kind who has grandparents and this blog reminds you of your Grandparents in any way, do make Grandparents Day 2020 special for them with small tokens of love they will cherish forever! If you liked this blog you will surely enjoy our blog on ‘What are Ferns – Ferns & Petals to beautify your home.’ 

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