Photo Mug for Girlfriend – Not Just a Mug, A Memory to Gift!

June 16, 2017

I sing a song and she tab her feet, I say you are mine, and she fall in love! Is giving an indication what we are going to talk about right here? Yes, you are right. We will talk about ‘love’ and ‘her.’ We know that you already connect to your loveable girlfriend or your ‘would be’ that’s why you are here.

Then what’s so new and special? Well, the day when she came in your life is special or any other day when you felt on top of the world when she was around you, is special. Then how to celebrate those days and moments which inspire you to say ‘you are special.’?

Gift her something special! Gifting is the best way to remind her that you love her presence in your life. A cute photo mug for girlfriend can be mesmerizing gift for her. Check out why.

Why a photo mug can be a special gift for your girlfriend?

Here are few reasons. First of all, a coffee mug is useful. She can enjoy her coffee in morning, evening or whenever she wants too. Secondly, she will surely keep that mug (as a precious thing) with herself.

Well, this is about a mug, but what about ‘a mug with a photo? It will become a memory that you will gift her for life.

Whenever she will sip coffee or tea in mug you will gift those cute, romantic, naughty or intense phases of life through (pictures on the mug) will remind your togetherness.

In a way, you will spend time with her every day even if you will not be around. She will wake up with a memory and will sleep while remembering memories.

In short, a photo mug for girlfriend will be a messenger to let her cherish your love. But if you don’t want to portray a picture of both of you (for privacy reasons), then simply put a quote that illustrates your heartfelt feelings for her.

What a memorable gift for valentine’s day, her birthday, your relationship’s anniversary isn’t it? Then read tips on to buy it.

Tips to buy photo mug for girl friend’s birthday

Don’t follow old age trend of sending regular boring gifts to your girlfriend. Instead, try something new and romantic. Think about a time that holds equal importance for both of you.

Now find a quote that coveys your feelings for her, and by presenting this super romantic gift, tell her that those hardcore feelings are true and you don’t pretend!

You can also team photo mugs with chocolates and flowers to make it ‘an affair’ to remember. There are many online portals that can help you giving her a surprise while making it hassle free for you to send girlfriend photo mug.

Confused about design, shape or size? Then quickly surf popular categories of online gifts shops like It will help you find plenty of pictures that will suit your romantic inclination.

Remember, if world is not the right place for you to find best, there is always a way to find a poet in yourself. In whatever way you do, just care for her and let her be herself!

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