How To Pack Home Made Chocolates

June 16, 2017

It is very thoughtful to present your loved one with homemade chocolates. Instead of store bought or a branded chocolate, why don’t you take a pick on something unique? Like the handmade chocolates that have a very different taste and also are made with love.

You can make different and awesome shaped chocolates with your own personal touch of love. A homemade chocolate tray is a cool gift for any occasion.

It not only has a personal touch but also a sense of exclusivity. Chocolates go well for any occasion. To decorate homemade chocolates, is a great thing as on any huge celebration, the gift should look also marvelous. When packed by you, the gift will maximize ten folds in its emotional value.

Best way to touch your dear one’s heart is to pack your home made chocolate on your own. Get some of the very brilliant ways of packing homemade chocolates right at your home easily.

Use Personalized Wraps – Get any good matte finish or glossy paper that can be printed. Now just browse through your photo album to freeze that one picture that depicts your unforgettable memory or your love for your dear one.

This will be just perfect to be printed on the wrapper and you homemade chocolate will look your own masterpiece of love. This is great to wrap a bar of homemade chocolate.

Coloured Paper Wraps – So, if you can’t get a print done to your wrapping paper, don’t worry, we still have other interesting ways. Bright colours are too much in vogue.

These colours are also super eye catchy and delightful. Get some colourful chocolate wrapping papers and take a pick on bright poppy shades. Wrap them around your asymmetrically shaped homemade chocolates to make them look just gorgeous.

Small Transparent Boxes – If you have time, nothing like it! We suggest you to go and hunt for small plastic boxes that will fit your chocolates perfectly in them. They will hug your chocolates tightly and give them a super cool shape. Freeze your chocolates in these and put all of them in a box all together.

Foil Wraps – Like the famous chocolate Ferrero Rocher flaunts, this technique of foil wrapping is one of the best ways to glorify the looks of your homemade chocolate. There are innumerable colours of foils available. But golden and silver wins the race.

Box Packing – If you have to send homemade chocolates to someone near or far, get a box wrap and we will help you being all set to send it anywhere. Be your chocolates round, square, asymmetric or a bar, get a box that is not too small not too big for them.

There are boxes that have partitions which will be better, but if you can’t find them anywhere, just get an apt sized box and start placing your chocolates side by side. Pack the box with a broad tape on all its ends and between. Wrap the box with a fancy paper or personalised paper and you are all set.

If you think packing homemade chocolates is a tedious job, get into IGP.com and send from our marvelously packed homemade chocolates collection.

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