Why Easter Day is Celebrated?

June 16, 2017

Easter Day is one of the widely celebrated festivals in Christianity. It is celebrated with lots of pomp and fervor. But not many people around the world are aware of the history that goes behind it. Let’s turn the pages of history and know why Easter Day is celebrated.


Jesus Christ who is worshiped as the messenger of God was crucified by Romans on a Friday that is now known as Good Friday. He was nailed on a wooden cross along with other two convicted thieves and a spear was pierced in his body to ensure that he was dead. “King of Jews” was labeled on his head in three different languages. Today, devotes believe that Jesus willingly and defenselessly accepted the trial and allowed to be crucified as a mark to pay for sins of all the people in the world to pave the way for salvation. After his death, he was buried in a tomb.
But three days later when Mary Magdalene, the follower of Jesus visited his tomb, she found it empty. An angel told her that Jesus had resurrected. Hence, Easter Day is celebrated on the Sunday following Good Friday of his death symbolizing resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ giving hope to all his followers.



On this day, families get together and enjoy lunch or dinner together making merriment. They go to church and exchange gifts to wish each other love, happiness and prosperity. Easter eggs gained much popularity in those times. It is believed that Mary Magdalene was carrying hard boiled eggs to share with other women while visiting tomb of Jesus Christ. When she found out that Jesus had resurrected, she went to Roman king and informed him that Jesus had resurrected. At that time the king has smirked and said, “Jesus has resurrected as eggs are red”. At that moment, all eggs turned red with blood, hence symbolizing resurrection of Jesus. Also, Easter eggs are considered as symbol of health and fertility.


Consequently it became a tradition to gift Easter eggs on Easter Day. At first, women from different parts of country used to cook hard boiled eggs to celebrate Easter. Then they started dying them by boiling it with onion skin to signify resurrection of lord. Nowadays, boiled eggs have been replaced by chocolate eggs and plastic eggs to give it a longer life.


You can buy attractively designed Easter eggs that contain chocolates, candies and jellies in it. Easter egg games are organized on this day for children as well as elders like egg hop, egg roll, egg dance and so on. Such is the story why Easter Day is celebrated with so much fanfare. People understand family values, moral values and importance of love and selflessness.


People gift exciting goodies to their loved ones to greet them on Easter like chocolate hampers, flower arrangements, sweets and dry fruit hampers, soft toys, greeting cards, personalized gifts, home decor products, apparels and accessories and much more.
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