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December 26, 2023
Is IGP a Trustworthy and Reliable Site?

Unwrapping Trust and Quality: Send Gifts with Confidence

IGP has garnered its credibility as a reliable gifting platform that caters to the diverse gifting needs of its customers.

With massive experience in gifting, we have consistently delivered the best quality gifts. All our customer reviews attest that the platform is committed to customer satisfaction.

In the age of online shopping, finding a trustworthy gifting platform can feel like a treasure hunt.

You want to be sure your gift will arrive on time, be of good quality, and most importantly, be something your loved one will truly appreciate. But with so many options out there, how do you know who to trust?

If you’ve ever wondered “Is trustworthy?” you’re not alone. But fear not, gifter extraordinaire!

This blog post is here to unwrap the truth about and show you why we are the perfect partner for all your gifting needs.

Aspect Information
Platform Overview is a reliable gifting platform with a focus on customer satisfaction.
Establishment Year Founded in 1999, became a full-fledged gifting website in 2001.
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Specialization Gift categories include cakes, flowers, jewelry, fashion, gourmet, etc.
Unique Features  gift personalization, same-day delivery, midnight delivery
Security Measures SSL protocol for data protection, mandatory account for online transactions.
Payment Options Secure and widely accepted payment methods
Quality Assurance Strict evaluation of materials and craftsmanship, durable and aesthetically packed.
Transparent Pricing Full product description with no hidden costs.
Customer Service Multiple channels for assistance – FAQ section, email (, phone support (+91-(22)4343-3333), request form.
Social Media Presence Active on Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn
Awards and Recognitions Best D2C Brand 2022 (Gifting)
Global Reach Network across 100+ countries, 400+ cities in India.
Services Midnight delivery, customization of gift boxes

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IGP, standing short for the Indian Gifts Portal, witnessed its cornerstone being laid in 1999. Initially born from an initiative to curate special collections for NRIs, we became a full-fledged gifting website in 2001. Headquartered in Mumbai, IGP has become India’s first-ever machine learning-based gift discovery website.

It caters to an elaborate range of gift categories, from cakes and flowers to jewelry, fashion, gourmet, and more. Specializing in gift personalization and same-day delivery, IGP has made gifting hassle-free.

Be it a festival or a personal celebration, it is incomplete unless you celebrate it with exquisite and special gifts from IGP’s extensive collection.

IGP’s Awards and Recognitions

We at IGP believe that awards and recognitions testify to excellent service in the online gifting industry. Winning accolades pushes us to give our best every day. Due to the constant efforts and cheerful results in online gifting, IGP recognized as ‘Best D2C Brand 2022 (Gifting).

However, we still believe that the greatest recognition we would like to accept is from our customers, who post positive reviews daily.

Security Measures

If you are yet pondering whether is IGP trustworthy, you must know that we have derived a credible reputation owing to many factors. As a portal, we are only into online transactions and know how to safeguard sensitive customer information. Thus, IGP has set up several security measures.

For instance, to curb identity theft,  we use an SSL protocol to receive customer data, keeping the information confidential.

IGP has secure payment options like debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and PayPal.

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Quality of Products at IGP

At IGP, we cater to an extensive product catalog for customers. It spoils customers for choice, giving them more freedom to choose from quality products. Every gift product on IGP undergoes a strict evaluation process concerning its materials and craftsmanship. That explains the uniqueness of every gift product on the portal.

Also, the gifts are packed considering the durability standards and aesthetic appeal. It ensures your gift arrives in good condition. Besides, we always provide a full product description, including transparent information on product pricing with no hidden costs. Also, you can access complete details concerning gift shipping and delivery.

Customer Service at IGP

You can head to the FAQ section for queries about IGP products or services. However, if your queries remain unanswered, click the ‘contact customer service’ option. You can contact our customer service via email or call.

For email support, send your query to You can also call +91-(22)4343-3333 or +91-(22) 3965-0300 between 9 am and 10 pm IST through the week.

Alternatively, fill out the request form on the ‘Contact Us’ page with the relevant details. The team will get back to you soon and try to solve your complaint within a few business days. However, the complaint resolution time also depends on your complaint’s nature.

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IGP’s Striking Social Media Presence

IGP has a very influential social media presence on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter) and LinkedIn. We create appealing content to enhance audience engagement across platforms.

Our IGP portal believes in building a strong community of happy people who like to share their celebrations and happiness with the world. By showcasing our gift range, we aim to assist you in effectively and effortlessly finding the perfect gift for your loved ones.

So, join us on social media and stay updated on recent gift options, coupons, and enticing deals.

Choosing IGP As Your Forever Gifting Partner

IGP emphasizes a superior customer gifting experience. We aim to be your forever partner in gifting. With an extensive network across 100+ countries and 400+ cities in India, we enable your gift to reach even across borders in time.

Also, IGP offers diverse value-added services, including midnight delivery of gifts and customization of gift boxes.

With its dynamic social media presence, it takes its customers’ feedback seriously. You will also find several gifts without shipping charges, helping you avoid additional costs. So, get on board with us today and have a happy gifting experience.

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