Bangalore Famous Food – Special Dishes & Street Food

March 16, 2023
Bangalore Famous Food

Why Bangalore is Known for its Food 

The word Bangalore means Town of Beans. The city not just leads as a software exporter but receives a lot of love for its culinary skills.

From South Indian to Japanese dishes, you can find everything in Bangalore’s endless restaurants, cafes and street food stalls. But the real love and culture can be tasted in the local cuisine and Bangalore’s famous food

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Traditional Dishes

Vada Pav 

Vada pav is a crisp, deep-fried potato vada served in the confines of a warm, buttery bun. Vada pav is considered the staple street food of Mumbai. However, it has become a Bangalore special food too. The gunpowder chutney is what makes the vada pav so delicious and popular. You can order it with extra cheese, onions, or green chillies.

Bisi Bela Bath 

Known as the Soul Food of Bangalore, Bisi Bela Bath literally translates to Hot Dal Rice. It is made with lentils, rice and vegetables mixed and blended like a khichdi. However, the namkeen, boondi and the potato chips served along with it enhances the flavour and gives you a feeling similar to having mom’s homemade food. 

Rava Idli 

Idlis and dosas are slowly becoming the nation’s favourite breakfast items. However, Rava idlis are the speciality of Bangalore. Made with semolina, this steamed dish tastes best with coconut chutney or dipped in sweet, sour and tangy sambar. If you want an authentic taste, visit the street stalls in the city where the dish is served with a dash of ghee. 

Masala Dosa

Masala dosa originally belonged to Udupi. However, you can find it among Bangalore famous snacks. Made with rice, Urad dal, Toor dal, Chana dal, fenugreek seeds, puffed rice, and dry red chillies, it is the Indian version of spicy crepes. A dollop of potato curry is spread over it and served with hot sambar and chutneys to tickle your taste buds. 

Street Food


Whether you have a midnight craving, a 4 pm hunger pang, or need something along with your tea, samosas in Bangalore serve as the perfect snack. Made with savoury all-purpose flour and filled with spiced and mashed potatoes, samosas come out crisp with deep-fried. Albert Bakery, which is the oldest bakery in Bangalore, serves different varieties such as keema samosa and onion samosas


Bangalore is famous for its pakoras which are basically fritters made with gram flour, commonly known as besan in India. Pakoras can be made with thinly sliced onions, spinach, cashews, paneer and chicken too. Therefore, this snack is loved by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike and is best served along with tea or coffee. A plate of hot pakoras during the rainy season is a hit not just in Bangalore but all over the country. 


Another popular snack in Bangalore- the Mysore Bonda can be prepared with a few simple ingredients such as rice flour, all-purpose flour, onions, curd, cumin and ginger with a pinch of baking soda. Crispy outside but soft and fluffy on the inside, this dish can be devoured with or without chutney or sambar. It is also made with stuffed potatoes or vegetables. 


Another type of fritter loved by everyone in Bangalore. Bhajjis can be made with spiced gram flour and an all-purpose flour batter. Potatoes, green chillies, onions and other vegetables are dipped in the batter and deep-fried. Served with a generous coating of masala powder and hot and spicy chilli sauce, these snacks taste divine. Head to Basavanagudi in Bangalore to enjoy some unique pineapple and baby corn bhajis. 

Regional Specialties

Koli Saaru 

Koli Saaru is a spicy chicken curry made in the Kannadiga style and a Bangalore traditional food. The generous use of cloves, coriander and green chillies makes this dish really flavourful. While it can be made with regular broiler chicken, the authentic and unique taste is achieved with Nati Koli or country chicken. The aromatic and delicious curry can be eaten with rice as well as any Indian bread. 

Akki Roti

Another delicacy unique to the state of Karnataka, the Akki Roti is a popular breakfast item, a Bangalore famous dish. It is prepared with rice flour, various vegetables, grated coconut, several spices and herbs.

Some versions of this recipe also make use of dill leaves and onions. Akki Roti makes for a healthy breakfast option as it is made with nutritious ingredients and is also gluten-free. 

Neer Dosa 

The literal meaning of Neer dosa is water dosa. Basically, a crêpe made with rice batter, this delicacy is a famous Bangalorean and Mangalorean cuisine. Another breakfast favourite, Neer dosa, has several health benefits due to its gluten-free nature and light texture. It does not require much oil during preparation. Therefore, it is loved by kids and adults alike. 

Maddur Vada 

This popular snack has an exciting history. It was invented when Shri Ramachandra Bhudya ran a vegetarian snack stall at Maddur railway station, selling samosas and idlis.

Once when a train arrived early, and his snacks were not ready, Bhudya decided to flatten the dough and fry them like vadas. Thus the Maddur vada was born out of rice, all-purpose flour, semolina, chillies, onions, and several spices and is one of the best food in Bangalore

Bangalore is also renowned for its delicious and delectable sweet treats. Some of the popular sweets found in Bangalore include the Mysuru Pak, Kayi Holige, Badam Halva, Kesari Bath, Kajjaya, Dumrot/Khasi Halva, Rava Unde & Puri Unde (Puffed Rice Ladoo), Halkova, Puranpoli or Holige, Cham Cham, Champakali, and Sandwhich.

All of these delightful sweets can be found in local sweet shops and restaurants in Bangalore. Whether you are visiting the city or are a long-time resident, these popular sweets are definitely worth trying!

Cake is also one of the most popular sweet treats in Bangalore. From classic black forest and vanilla cakes to unique flavors like mango, pineapple, and rose, there is something for everyone. Cakes are available in bakeries, restaurants, and sweet shops, and can be ordered online as well.

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