25th Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

June 16, 2017

Silver jubilees are celebrated from medieval times when it used to be remarkable achievement for a couple to complete 25 years of being together as it was not very common due to constant wars and maternal mortality. As a mark of this achievement, the husband would confer a wreath of silver on his wife. As time passed, silver and golden jubilees became trend and are now celebrated in many different ways in all parts of the world.
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We share an unadulterated and a revered relationship with our parents who nurtured and raised us into what we are today with their love and affection. We have seen their love getting stronger over years and seen the long years of togetherness flowering which is great and deserves a celebration. Keeping in mind the basic thing of the occasion that is silver; we ought to have a silver piece as a major and a theme gift for the occasion.
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  • Silver jewelry: You may get an elegant diamond studded silver ring for your father. For your mother, you may get a gems studded designer silver ear rings. Choose any silver ornament you think your parent would love to wear.
  • A day out at spa: Parents have groomed you from an infant to an adult. It’s your turn to take your parents out to a spa and have them enjoy a nice hair therapy and body massage session. You may also take them out for a movie once you are done with the spa treatment.
  • Organize a silver jubilee celebration party: First and foremost, decide the nature of the party; whether you want it to be a big gathering or a small intimate celebration with close belongings of your parents. Ask all the invitees to be present at the venue to surprise your parents when they walk in.
  • Vintage watch: What would be more graceful of a gift if not a vintage clock or a watch? Gift your father a vintage pocket watch and your mother a luxurious antique wrist watch. Make sure you pick both of them from the same collection. It would assuredly go with your parent’s age and their personality and would make a perfect silver jubilee gift.  
  • Personalized gifts: Enrapture your parents with customized gifts like a flipbook with pictures from all the 25 years of their being together or a personalized calendar with a picture or two from the past 25 years on every page of the calendar. Do not forget to get a grand cover page from one of their wedding picture.
  • Gift articles: Silver made KumKum dabi is surely going to overwhelm your mother with affection. You might also gift them the idol of Laxmi Ganesh. A classic pick from home furnishing category would be a great option too.

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The list of suggestions to gift for twenty fifth wedding anniversary gifts of parents is never ending, for all the love and care they have showered on us till date, the least we can do for them is doing just one of the aforementioned.

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