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20 Mother’s Day Quotes to Express Mother is the Greatest Warrior of the World

April 23, 2021

“She lives like a soldier. She protects like a knight. She works like a warrior. She is our Mom.”

Moms really are the most important person in our lives. They never rest. They never take a break. They are always on the hunt for chores to make our lives easier. This Mother’s Day, let us all pay homage to these relentless warriors with our maa-rvellous collection of quotes that you can share with your mother #MyLifetimeWarrior to express your gratitude, love and feelings to her. So why wait…..let’s begin!

“Mom you’re not just a warrior, you’re a wow-rrior!”

wow-rrior mom

“My barrier to all my problems, my mom! #MyLifetimeWarrior”

Barrier Mom

“Mom is nothing short of a hero who lives like a superhero.”

superhero mom

“Everything is a piece of cake for you, my warrior maa.”

quotes for mother

“Maa nahi, maa-han ho tum! #MyLifetimewarrior”

quotes for mom

“You protect me like my Maa-sk”

Mask Mom

Nobody can deny that mom is a warrior. But, when she is in the kitchen, mom really turns into a Ninja who works tirelessly to feed our stomachs, our hearts and our soul. Some quotes dedicated to this Kitchen Ninja we love!

“Kitchen ke har MISSION POSSIBLE ki hero – My Mom”

Mom is best quotes

“Maa se Maa-sterchef tak, you are simply maa-jestic!”

shayari for mom

“You cook not just food, you cook memories my dear maa.”

mothers love quotes

“Rasode main kaun tha? Rasode mein toh maa ke haath ki mehek hai!”

rasode mein kaun tha meme

“She lives through the taste of her food. #MyMom”

Quotes for mothers day

“Adrakwali chai is incomplete without carda-MOM”

Mothers day quotes

“Ghar ke har saaMAAn mein tum ho maa.”

mothers day wishes

From being the Home minister to ruling the office like a boss, Mummy donned many hats. But, in every role, she is perfect! Some quotes dedicated to our mothers who love adding so many feathers to their hat!

“Office ki boss, ghar ki ruler – Maa”

Mom is a boss quotes

“You Maa-nage everything perfectly”

Moms love shayari

“For every role, you’re just maa-rvellous.”

Mothers day best wishes

“Tum raaj karti ho, ghar par bhi, dilon par bhi maa.”

maa ka raaj quotes

“Never underestimate the power of an Indian mother.”

indian mom meme

“Makaan se ghar banati ho – Maa you’re simply magical”

magical mom quotes

“She always WFH like a pro #MyMaa”

wfh mom quotes

Share these quotes with your mother to make her feel special. Of course, don’t forget to wrap your arms around her, hug her tight and leave her a wonderful surprise. Till then read this 12 amazing ways to celebrate mothers day.

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