Fathers Day

13 things only cool dads can do!

June 11, 2021
Cool Dad

From movies to novels, from novels to comics, Dad is always shown as the stern, no-nonsense man of the house. But this trope of the strictest dad in town is only true to a certain extent, because our modern dads do not shy away from being a little emo in public, giving his children High Five, romancing unapologetically with mom and doing the household chores like a pro. This dad is your best friend and won’t hesitate from giving you dating tips and be the wingman of your first relationship. To say the least, he is the coolest dad in town. Wonder if your dad is cool enough? Here’s a way to find out –

You know you have the coolest dad….

1. When he raids the fridge 2 am in the night with you

Dad and son eating pizza

2. When he guards the door to save you from mom’s wrath after a night out

Dad saving from mom

3. When he gives you some extra cash when you never asked him

Dad giving extra pocket money

4. When he shares the dankest memes on the internet with you

Dad sharing memes

5. When he loves to listen to the latest pop music

Dad listening pop songs

6. When he is your fashion icon

Dad and son twinning

7. When you love to hangout with him than your friends

Dad playing video games with dad

8. When he secretly orders food from a restaurant in mom’s absence

Dad and son partying

9. When he rates your dating profile

Dad checking sons tinder profile

10. When he calls you his bro

Dad fist bumping son

11. When he gives you relationship advice

Dad consoling son

12. When he lets you take your decisions even if his opinions are different

Dad discussing with daughter

13. When you know, no matter what, he will always stand by you

dad teaching son cycling

So, how cool you find your dad. Let us know in the comments! Till then check our take on How To Plan A Special Father’s Day To #PamperDad.

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