PamperDad - For all his love and support! How To Plan A Special Father’s Day to #PamperDad

Remember the times dad spoiled you? From giving you extra pocket money to bringing those extra treats for you on his way back home from office, dad has always cared for you. This Father’s Day, it is your chance to #PamperDad and let him know that you care for him too. Do something special for him and see his eyes glisten with tears of joy just like the ones he had when he held you for the first time.

Don’t worry, we will help you out with some really cool suggestions for a extremely #EMO & #FUN Father’s Day. Let’s start –

1. Recreate Old Photos

The old photos of dad holding you, playing with you, teaching you to ride a bicycle, having a picnic with you, enjoying your first birthday – dad has always been there with you. Recreate the old memories and revisit the amazing journey and watch how the things still remain the same while you both have changed so much. Post it on social media and enjoy!

dad recreate photos

2. Plan A Date with Dad 

Busy in our lives, we barely get time to connect with dad and listen to his story. This Father’s Day, sit him down, pour two glasses of whiskey and let dad tell you all that he has in his heart. Add some light instrumental music to the ambience and some home-cooked delicacies and it’s a perfect date. Don’t forget to finish it with a superb gift for Dad!

Dad dinner date

3. Picnic In The Backyard

We know planning a vacation might not be possible seeing Dad’s busy schedule with work, but why not make home a destination for a beautiful trip. Plan a small picnic in the backyard with dad and enjoy board games, frisbees, cricket and cards with Dad, just like the old days!

dad picnic backyard

4. Host Dad Jokes Tournament 

Every dad has his own set of the cheesiest, corniest Dad jokes on the menu. Plan a special tournament with Dad to compete with his popular Dad jokes and watch who wins a special prize. Yeah, just see Dad beam with pride with all his PJs. 

dad jokes tournament

5. Meeting/Video Call with Grandparents

What better way to surprise dad and pamper him than inviting his parents for a special day with him whether virtually or in person. Dad will love to visit his childhood days and you will surely know more about your loving father with his old quisse and kahanis that your grandparents tell you. 

PS: See your dad become a child in a snap!

dad video call grandparents

6. Give Him A Relaxing Spa Day

He carries the burden of the whole family on his shoulders. But he never lets you know he needs a day off to himself. Ask Dad to rejuvenate & relax with a spa day all to himself while you assist him with a soothing massage, nice champi & a cool and calm beauty sleep. 

dad enjoying spa

7. Art Mantra For Dad 

Dad might not be the best artist in town but all your school projects were done by him. Have a fun-filled art workshop with dad exploring painting, pottery, sand art and so much more. 

dad pottery workshop

8. Cooking With or For Daddy 

Cooking with dad is so much fun because neither of you are experts in the kitchen like mom. But with some dishes, Dad simply nails it. Join the fun of having double trouble in the kitchen and enjoy a hot barbeque in the sun. You can also order some gourmet surprises for Dad just for backup and extra snacks. 

cooking with dad

9. Dad’s Fun Time with Friends

Dad loves to connect with his old-time friend. Bring on the yaarana with a special dinner hosted by you for him and his friends. Of course, liquor is on the menu! Get some cool beer glasses to show your love to Dad and make it as a small memento for Daddy. 

dad enjoying spa

10. 24-Hour Gift Shower

He works 24 X 7 tirelessly. So let dad be pampered the whole day with 24 gifts delivered to him at frequent intervals on Father’s Day. Ask your mom, grandparents, uncles, aunties and dad’s friends of his choices and preferences and celebrate the journey of fatherhood with best surprises meant just for Dad. At IGP, you can customize your gift, add messages & photos, and personalize it just perfectly for Father’s Day. 

dad hamper gift

So guys, did you like our suggestions? Aren’t they fun!

Enjoy Father’s Day as an honor to all Dads and Father figures in your life and make them feel special and wanted. Say thanks for everything they do and seal the emotions with a tight hug.

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