Things Only a Father Can Teach You- A Father’s Day Blog

A Father is a daughter’s first love and a son’s true hero. Have there been things that you always wanted to say to your father like how they’ve been the best teacher for you? Sure he makes the best peanut butter & jelly sandwiches and fixes the broken furniture around the house every now and then but there are things beyond what meets the eyes. The father-child relationship isn’t talked about much because they’re less expressive but we do celebrate them for being our guides for when we fail to see the light at the end of the tunnel. They’re the pioneers leading us to a better life. Here are a few things that only a father can teach you –

Stand firm for the things that you believe in. Even if there’s nobody by your side, even if the world around you is falling apart. Stand your ground strong & steady. Things that you believe in build your character and that’s the most important thing in life. Chase after your dreams!


Stand Your Ground

Keep your word, always. Once you make a promise, you have got to keep it to your heart and fulfill it you must. Just like your father who promised to be by your side is still fulfilling his word and he will always be there for you.


Keep Your Word

Use power with responsibility. Just as uncle Ben said to Peter “with great power comes great responsibility”. Don’t be engulfed by the powers bestowed upon you; be worthy of it, be responsible.


Be Responsible

Keep your friends and family close. They’re the greatest treasure indeed. In your difficult times, you’ll only have them by your side. Hence, be wise in making decisions, they’re more valuable than silver or gold.


Keep Your Friends & Family Close

Don’t dwell much on your failures. The path to success is a tricky one and it goes through many difficulties. You’re not sure to win at all times. Failures teach you things. Learn from them instead of dwelling on them too much.

Failure is a Part of the Journey

Failure is a Part of the Journey

Trust your gut. You have to learn to go with your gut. Intuitions are called the 6th sense for a reason. If you feel that there’s something wrong or off then move away. Your instincts seldom fail you.


Trust Your Gut

Good things take time. Patience is a virtue. Nothing happens overnight. Learn to be patient in life and you shall receive your reward.


Good Things Take Time

Choose your partner wisely. You have to understand that when you’re choosing a partner, you’re choosing a support system for you and this person is going to be the Mother/Father of your child. Hence, you want to choose someone your kids will look up to. Bank balance & beauty both are fragile and don’t last forever. You need someone who will forever be by your side, someone you respect, someone whom you can trust.

Choose Your Partner Wisely

Choose Your Partner Wisely

The only competition is “you”. Envy is a sign of weakness, rather, be inspired. Everything will fall into its place at the right time. Do not compare yourself to others, everyone’s journey is different. In the end, the only competition is yourself, you have to be a better version of you.

Be a Better You

Be a Better You

Don’t be afraid to take risks. You have to learn to calculate them at first but don’t be afraid to think outside the box, do something different. After all, those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world are the ones who do change the world.


Think Outside the Box

Your father is always with you. Whenever you need a little help or guidance, he’s right there even if he’s physically not present. Your father will always watch over you and you can feel his protective aura around you like a guardian angel.


Your Guardian Angel

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