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June 12, 2013

Nautical Exclusive

Manu never forgets how his father would buy him gifts whenever he fell sick, but with passage of time his dad’s virtue of cheering up people was losing its  sheen under the pile of responsibilities hence this fathers’ day Manu is determined to remind his father of his free-spiritedness by gifting him one of the nautical souvenirs available at IGP.com

The Exquisite World of Nautical Compasses

The Hampton Nautical Pocket Compass would remind a father what an enthusiastic boy scout he was. Wish him good times with The Antique Compass Clock. Other varieties available are Ross London Compass, Statue of Great Vecoulum Compass, Statue of liberty Marine Compass, Beetle Finder Compass & Calendar Compass. For a geologist or an archaeologist father the surveyor compass will facilitate him with all the accuracy required for precise measurements.

The Captain’s tools

The world of nautical gifts is one which easily transports you to a realm of dreams where explorers and voyagers reign. Tools like the Antique brass sextant and Anchor Lanterns to name a few can in stil a spirit of adventure and excitement in anybody. The intrinsic uniqueness and rarity of an Antique Telescope or a Surveyor Compass make it a desirable gift for a special someone like your father. At the same time add a Hanging hourglass or a Gold plated pocket watch to complete the package, and it won’t be hard to notice the swagger of a seafaring captain next time you are in his company.

Keychain Fetish

Nautical key chains are widely known for their superb craftsmanship and impeccable finish. Not only do they bear a testimony to the rich taste of the owner but they also amaze you with their functionality. A Brass Handle Magnifier key chain, Brass Armillary key chain and Nautical Compass key chain will have a compelling appearance and yet prove to be useful. For a sea lover, Nautical Gifts Titanic telegraph keyring will make an uncommon and prized collection.

Keep company while gazing at the stars

The joy of watching stars, lying on our backs and the failed efforts at counting them is a common occurrence every kid can relate to. A Leather Sheathed Brass telescope with tripod will do wonders at reviving those memories of your father’s childhood. With a wide variety of Antique Telescopes to choose from star gazing will become a much sought after routine for the father-son duo.

For the antique lovers who appreciate the skill of the artist and the rarity of the work of art, nautical gifts become an ideal souvenir to be cherished for a long time.

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