Valentines Day

Things singles shouldn’t do on Valentine’s Day

January 25, 2018

You know, we know, they know, and everybody knows that Valentine’s Day is just a few days away. By this time the internet must have already gone berserk with Valentine’s Day ideas and gifts and what not! However, there is another universe on the same planet where even singles exist, and they feel desolated on Valentine’s Day as they run through mushy posts on Valentine’s Day.

For those who have found their love, it is the perfect day for them to celebrate their relationship. And for those who haven’t, it’s time to pamper yourself with anything you like, rather than do any of the following.


Play the Tinder roulette

Downloading the Tinder app and right swiping for every second person you find attractive IS NOT going to help you by far. Perhaps, you are digging a hole for yourself. You are needy; you are desperate. All you need is some time to get over that rush.


Complain about being single

There is a reason you are single, and that is only for good. Maybe, God does not want you to see heartbroken. The feeling of being single is better than trying to get over someone after a breakup. You have not met your valentine yet. The wait will be worth when you find the army candy, instead of going out with someone, you do not resonate with.


Get drunk

It’s quite natural to feel lonely on Valentine’s Day when your pals go about putting pictures on the internet with their better half. It is disheartening and might put you off. Do not get drunk as it won’t lead to anywhere. Spend your time watching movies or with family. That will drive your attention.


Act creepy with your friends

You found out that almost all your friends are up for a date on Valentine’s Day. This, perhaps, might put you off. Do not try to catch up with your friends’ lives. If you go about asking your friends for a date, you will come across as a creepy person, who just wants to satiate the valentine bud. Doing so might also jeopardize your long friendship.


Set yourself on a blind date

Take the word, more than 90% of times; blind dates do not work. And especially for Valentine’s Day, it would be forced cause. You do not want that. It is better to have nothing than having a meaningless relationship with an alien.


You just need the inspiration to believe that you are better off single, than what you would have been in a relationship.





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