10 Fun Secret Santa Games To Play This Christmas!

December 12, 2022
secret Santa games

Exciting Secret Santa Games to Spice up Your Holiday Season

A classic fun Christmas tradition is playing the Secret Santa. How to play Secret Santa, you wonder? Allow us to tell you. The traditional way of playing Secret Santa involves making chits with names in them, everyone picks a chit at random, and the name in the chit is their giftee.

They pick a gift for the person, and on Christmas, the secret santa gifts are exchanged and given to every individual. After opening their gift, the giftee must guess which individual from the group was their Secret Santa.

Secret Santa can be played virtually by kids, adults, colleagues, friends, family and even strangers!  Here is a list of Secret Santa game ideas to spice up the classic and give it a fun twist!

The Dirty Santa 

Dirty Santa is for people who like a little mischief. Each participant brings a gift under a certain price range that every player in the game would like. Everyone is assigned a number at random.

That is the sequence in which you will choose your gifts. When the first person chooses a gift from the pile, the person who follows can either steal that gift or choose a different gift. As a result, the final participant ends up with their favourite out of the lot.

To The Left and The Right

The ultimate Christmas game for kids. Every kid brings a present appropriate for either boys or girls, which they pass in a circle while a story is told. When the words ‘LEFT’ or ‘RIGHT’ appear, the presents are passed in that direction. The game concludes when the story is completed, and each child has received a gift.

Pick A Gift, Any Gift

Each player brings one present in this game, similar to a traditional Dirty Santa. Instead of choosing whether to pick a gift or take someone else’s,

you choose a generic card. It will instruct you on creative Secret Santa tasks like what to do with the gift, such as steal, exchange, unwrap, choose a second gift, and so on.

Grab The Bag 

People deliver oddly shaped gifts or items wrapped in misleading shapes. All the gifts are placed in a bag or box out of sight of the players. Partiers choose a gift with the most intriguing shape in the order established by picking numbers from a hat.

Passing the Gift 

Like most games, there is a budget for the secret santa gifts, and all gifts are collected before the exchange. Everyone at the party sits in a circle. While music is playing, players choose a gift randomly from the table and pass it to a group member.

The present is passed from person to person in the circle. When the music ends, whoever is holding the present receives and opens it before exiting the circle. The game will continue until all of the presents have been distributed.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt 

An amusing office game. Gather all the gifts from the employees and hide them well around the office before the party. Give hints regarding where they are. Everyone starts the game just at the office door. Each player takes the gift they discover and exits the game, ensuring everyone receives a gift.

Vote To Win

Another excellent choice for an office Christmas party. Choose three stores that are easily accessible. Everybody tells you three things they would like under their gifting amount. Fill out a voting slip with each person’s name and their chosen gifts. Everyone votes for the present they believe the co-worker most desires. Finally, you purchase the most popular present for that person.

Hot Gift Potato

A twist on the classic children’s game. As is customary, everyone provides a present. A circle is formed, and each person receives one present. After the host starts a timer or plays a song, they pass the gift around. When the timer runs out, or the music stops, whoever is holding the present receives it. The game will continue until everyone has received a present.

Christmas Gift Auction 

Everyone exchanges their present for Monopoly money. Everyone gets the same amount. The auctioneer could be the host. The present is awarded to the highest bidder. The game will continue until everyone has received a gift.

Numbers Game 

As the guests arrive, the host takes their gifts and numbers them before handing them a chit with the same number. They each write a unique tidbit about themselves and place it in a hat.

The host reads the fact but not the number from the paper. Participants try to figure out which person this fact is about. The present is given to the first person who correctly guesses. The game will continue until all of the presents have been claimed.

Try these funny tasks for Secret Santa this year and have a blast at your office party, at home, or with your children. These activities promote laughter and fun while fostering a sense of togetherness and brotherhood.

Along with these, surprise your loved ones with beautiful chistamas gifts available at IGP. A surprise gift will add joy to your celebrations. Party organizers and attendees are free to mix and combine any of the rules. Your imagination is the only limit.

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