Raksha Bandhan Preparation: Checklist for Sisters

May 22, 2023
Raksha Bandhan Preparation

Prepare for and Celebrate Raksha Bandhan

As per the evidence from Mahabharata, Lord Krishna had once cut his finger and was bleeding. To his rescue, Draupadi tore a piece of cloth from her saree and tied it to his finger to stop the blood. This cloth piece got marked as the sacred thread of Rakhi.   

Abiding by the Purnima Tithi, sisters tie knots on the right hands of their brothers. But before that, they have to do a lot of preparations. Below is a complete list.  

Shopping For Rakhi And Gifts

On the occasion of Rakhi, brothers and sisters exchange gifts and money as “shagun.” It is a heartwarming ritual where both try to plan Rakhi gifts for the other based on personal choices.

While gift cards are now in trend, buying something for your brother or sister strengthens the emotional bond. Customised gift options are the best. 

Cleaning The House

The day of Raksha Bandhan is all about multiple guests coming over and the sisters visiting their brother’s place to tie their rakhi. The Indian families are seen indulging in a house cleaning spree.

Elders, mostly mothers, take the job quite seriously as part of the preparations for Raksha Bandhan ceremony.   

Preparing Sweets And Other Delicacies 

Sweet items like Kheer, Barfi, Jalebi, Petha, Rasmalai, Kalakand, Gulam Jamun and Balusahi are famous as Rakha Bandhan delicacies. Families indulge in preparations for the same, at least a week before Rakhi, hoping to serve their best.

The siblings gather together on the day to tie the sacred knot of Rakhi and exchange sweets afterwards. 

Planning For The Day 

The sisters usually apply mehendi on their hands and dress in traditional attire. Ghagra, Lehenga, Saree and Salwar Suits are the sole outfits for this day. Men are seen in Sherwanis and Kurtas.

For those living far away, gather at a common place and celebrate the passion with food and sweets.  

Tips To Prepare For The Raksha Bandhan Ceremony

Here are tips to prepare for the Raksha Bandhan ceremony.

Select A Thoughtful Gift

You can always choose a customised gift item for your brother or sister. Team it up with their favourite flower and eatables. Also, certain timeless gifts, like a wristwatch, a handbag or their favourite perfume, will be great. Make sure the gift is as per the recipients taste. You can also plan for a customised cake with a selfie of all the siblings. 

Dress Appropriately

On the occasion of Rakhi, try and dress in full traditional wear. Get your best kurta and pyjama out of the wardrobe. A saree or salwar will amp up the look for girls. When celebrating Indian culture, you must select dresses of Indian origin to create a vibe. Remember to accessorise the entire look. 

Take Care Of Hygiene And Grooming

Because Rakhi comes once a year, you can make an extra effort to buy new clothes and book an appointment at the salon. Also, you can book an appointment for your siblings and treat them to a relaxing treat for the day. This Rakhi, let’s prioritise self-grooming and body hygiene over everything else.  

Decorate The House

Floral decorations are the best for the occasion of Rakhi. You can choose flowers like Lilies, Roses, Carnations and Gerberas in multiple colours to decorate your house. Also, if there is an outdoor space – a little balcony- design a little photo corner with fairy lights, aesthetic decor, and floor mats. 

The occasion of Rakhi is about celebrations and strengthening the bond of love among all the family members. So, make it a point to celebrate the day at its best with tasty meals, best dress-ups and great gifts.  

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