Personalized Gifts – Know the Art of Personalization

December 17, 2018

Sipping fresh, hot coffee from a mug that says, ‘You are the best thing that happened to me’.

Watching time tick by while being reminded of a dear one every time you look at the clock carrying a memorable picture.

Shaping your thoughts with a pen that carries your name in handsome handwriting.

You have to admit, personalization beautifully changes the way we see and feel about everyday essential things. In personalization, things go under unbelievable transformation that makes them look completely out of the ordinary.

Each personalized gift looks different than the other, just like each one of our personas. Thus, these are the most preferred and adored unique gift ideas among all age groups.

Which is the Best Online Shop for Personalized Gifts in India?

IGP is the world’s largest online gifting site and also the best online shop for personalized gifts in India. Now that you know where you can buy fabulous personalized gifts from, let us help you understand how we do what we do. Come, accompany us on the journey of how things are transformed to look distinct and highly personal.

To start with, here are the 3 ways in which gifts are personalized at IGP.


Engraving means carving out words and shapes on things. This form of personalization is done on pens, diaries, mugs, wine glasses, wood plaques, etc.

The material to be personalized, like wood or glass, is placed on a machine that performs the intricate job of carving out texts and designs on it. The process takes quite some time, and the results are startling. The engraved text becomes such a flawless part of the material as if it was always there.


Printing is one of the most well-known and popular forms of product personalization. It is done on a variety of materials and things like mugs, crystal cubes, canvases, keychains, etc. For different materials, different methods and machines are used for printing.

The pictures, designs, and special messages you see on coffee mugs are done through a process called decal printing. First, a print out of the picture is taken using a printing machine. Then, the picture is pasted or stamped on the mugs using a different machine.

Printing crystal cubes is a different game altogether. The cubes offer a 3D effect of the pictures on display. The pictures are pasted on them through laser technology. The cubes have a base, which makes the cubes rotate and glow with soft light when switched on.

Our bestselling family personalized gifts i.e. photo frames, canvases, etc. are personalized with photos by simply pasting the print out of the pictures on them.


This form of product personalization is done on clothes. You can get the name of or a message for your beloved embroidered on any piece of cloth. This form is most popular for children’s attire. The baby clothes, napkins, table clothes, etc. are personalized with initials, names with a sewing machine.

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