What is Food Rakhi That’s Trending This Raksha Bandhan?

July 24, 2020
what is food rakhi

While we have acclimatized ourselves to cope with the quarantine life bingeing on our favorite foods, catching up all the series, movies and books from our wish lists to ease out from the work-life stress, us siblings have already created a few memorable moments together in this lockdown.

And for the ones’ living away from each other have bonded over gazillion calls for every Lil thing, and gup sessions following hours of video calls reliving all the family drama and growing up stories. Either way, far or close, we’re all excited for what’s to come. Yes. Raksha Bandhan.

The preps have begun in full swing. But did you know the sacred thread of protection has undergone a leap of innovation yet again. The trends in vogue have changed, and Edible Food Rakhi has emerged as a crowd-pleaser this year.

Though Edible food Rakhis have been prevalent for quite some time now, this year we have seen social media flooded with pictures of these Edible Food Rakhis.

Impressive as it sounds we thought of introducing you guys to this trend. So what is a Food Rakhi and is safe to consume? Questions Questions Questions.

We are here to answer them all. So let’s begin with introductions first.

Where did the trend of Food Rakhi begin?

Bakers & Confectioners in India have given a twist to the otherwise traditional Rakhi and created a Rakhi design with sweets or chocolates that can be tied on your brother’s wrist as well as devoured later.

What is an Edible Food Rakhi Made of?

An Edible Food Rakhi is made of condensed milk, cream, sugar and edible colors in different shapes, size, flavors, hues. Some are a mini version of the actual sweet, and some are made of chocolate with flavored icing.

What makes these Food Rakhis so popular?

People want to move away from everything conventional. Hence, the never-ending endeavor of innovation has given rise to a new trend that is catching the eye of many. More and more people are searching for these Rakhis online wanting to get one for their beloved brother. This trend is making people go nuts, and why should it not? It adds a different level quirk to the day keeping all the wit alive in your brother-sister relationship. 

 Is Food Rakhi very expensive?

As expensive and classy as it sounds. These Food Rakhi are not costly, in fact, they are quite affordable for anyone to try.

Ever heard of a Rakhi Cake?

Delicious Rakhi cakes are another popular option for a Lil extravaganza on such an auspicious day. Rakhi Cakes come in various designs that mark the newest way of celebrating Raksha Bandhan.

Since kids’ love cakes more than sweets, this is a great way to surprise them and also imbibe the importance of Raksha Bandhan festival. You also avail  Express delivery on Rakhi Order.

So now that you know all the details about this new emerging trend of Rakhi, go ahead and give it a try for yourself. Get one of these alluring to look at and lip-smacking to taste Rakhis for your brother, and keep the bond of siblinghood alive with lots of quirk & wit by your side in the form of this Rakhi.

The Lil ones at home are surely the ones who are most likely to enjoy this treat. Selling like hot cakes on a rainy day you need to be quick.

You can easily find these Edible Food Rakhis online and order it for your brother. If your brother stays away from you in a different country or state, you can have a Food Rakhi delivered to him at his doorstep.

So, go on, try something new this year and be the favorite sister who gives the best surprises everyone looks forward to.

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