8 Best Last Minute Rakhi Gift Ideas for Brothers and Sisters

July 21, 2018
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Last Minute Special Rakhi Gift Ideas

Are you the one who cannot do anything but hit one’s head because you again forgot to buy a gift for a loved one? This blog aims at making you a pro at last minute gifting without much fret and hassle. Your guide to buying the perfect gift for your brother or sister for Rakhi. Read on.

Collage of Your Memories

This is the most emotional and easy to do rakhi gifting idea. It will only take a few minutes to compile all the photos, edit and fit them together in a beautiful frame. You can download best photo editing tools on your phone and get the work done in just minutes. It is no rocket science, really.

Take Your Sibling On a Nostalgic High

If you are kids of the 80s or 90s, then you can gift the things belonging to that era. Your sibling will not have enough words to thank you. Besides, it is the best way to make your sibling enter a nostalgic mood and not bother you with fights and nagging for days.

Many online shopping sites are dedicated to evoking strong gone back memories. There you can find all the goodies to gift to your sibling.

Gift a Handmade Greeting Card

Remember those days of childhood when you would create cards to wish your family members on their birthdays? Relive that moment now and give rakhi gifts for brother online,  a reason to remember the golden days of childhood.

The greeting card need not necessarily have pictures or words. It could have both or either of the two- whichever helps you transfer your emotions on paper better.

Gift a Gift Card

If you are not liking the above options or finding them feasible, you always have the option of gift cards. If your brother or sister is into online shopping, these gift cards will mean a lot to them. They get delivered into the mail box of the recipient quickly too.

Flowers and Chocolates

One fail safe gifting idea- last minute or no- are flowers and chocolates. This is a great Rakhi gift option for sisters by their brothers. Just find out which flowers and chocolates your sister likes and you are all set to make her day.

Add a Personal Touch

If you are hell bent on giving your sister or brother a gift, then go for personalized ones. They hold treasure value and make it extra special for the recipient.

Take for example a regular coffee mug and a coffee cup with your brother or sister’s name or photo on it. You can find many quirky and innovative ways online to surprise your sibling with a personalized gift.

Look for Something they Need

Has your brother or sister been craving about something he or she needed of late? You could try finding that thing and presenting it as a gift. Your sibling will fall short on words.

Write a Heartfelt Message

Emotions and feelings are what add life and value to materialistic things. If your gifts don’t carry your emotions or love for your sibling, it will do nothing to strengthen your bond.

Even if you don’t give anything, try coming up with a written piece where you are pouring all your feeling for your brother and sister. Sure, this will take some of your time, but it is worth it.

These are some gifting ideas that you can consider at the last moment. Good luck and happy Raksha Bandhan!

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