5 Gifts for the 5 Day Festival of Durga Puja

September 16, 2019
Durga Puja Gifts online

Dugga Dugga! It’s time to say this beloved Bengali phrase to your loved ones, that is, wish that all their worries and problems be gone with the New Year. Durga Puja, the most revered festival of Bengalis, will commence from 4th October in 2019. If your special someone is among those who worship the Goddess, then here are special gifts to wish them with. Here’s how to celebrate the 5-day festival with 5 different gifts.

Maha Sashti – 4th October

Maa Durga Idol

Maa Kali Face Idol

The 1st day of the festival is called Maha Sashti. This is the day when the covered face of Maa Durga is revealed. This is followed by rituals and puja. Let your loved one start their own Durga Puja at home with a beautiful Maa Durga idol from you!

Maha Saptami-5th October

Indoor Plants

Vibrant Dracaena Pendulous Plant

This is the day of the Maha Puja. On this day, the nine forms of the goddess are worshipped using nine plants that are Banana, Pomegranate, Turmeric, Jayanti, Ashoka, Bel, Arum Plant, Colocasia and Paddy. These nine plants are called as navapatrika. Giving a plant to your loved one can be a significant gift to celebrate the 3rd day of Durga Puja. Choose a plant that has an auspicious feel to it.

Maha Ashtami- 6th October


Colorful Wooden Dandiya Sticks

This is also known as Astra Puja day because on this day the Gods contributed in the fight between Goddess Kali and demon Mahishasura by giving their weapons to the Goddess. But you can instead give Dandiya to your loved one or yourself as gifts! And it’s an appropriate one too as Navratri coincides with Durga Puja. Go out there and make the most of the festival armed with a beautiful pair of dandiyas.

Maha Navami- 7th October

Lanterns/Candle Votives

Beautiful Hanging Lantern

This is the day when the nine-day long battle came to an end. An end to the evil or darkness means the spread of brightness or positivty. So celebrate it by lighting beautiful lanterns and candles in your home.

Vijay Dashami- 8th October

Sweets and Snacks

Delightful Flavored Dryfruits & Savouries Cans in Basket

This is the day of Devi Durga’s Visarjan which is done by immersing her idol in the river. It also coincides with Dassehra, Lord Ram’s return to Ayodhya after his exile. So it’s a day of emotion plus celebration. Make it special with your and your loved ones’ favourite treats like mithais, chocolates, dry fruits, snacks, etc. Since the end of Navratri and Durga Puja is the start the New Year according to the Hindu calendar, home and living gifts are also a great option for yourself or someone close.

Read about the significance of the days of the festival in our The Significance of Durga Puja – A Detailed Insight blog.

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