10 Times We Felt Moms Act Like Warriors In Real Life

April 16, 2021
mother day 2021

Moms Act Like Warriors In Real Life

Some call her superhero, some call her the boss of the house. Well, we imagined MOMS as the forever warriors fighting and winning battles each day, highlighting the importance of mother in our lives.

This blog is a relatable & funny one where we picked up 10 real-life situations when we really felt Moms acted like different types of warriors straight from the battleground. Let’s begin!

The Pocha Protector 

Time is measured as BC and AD. But mom’s mood is measured ‘Before Pocha’ and ‘After Pocha’. Yes, sounds weird but it’s true. A seemingly normal always-on-the-run-for-chores mommy can quickly transform into a bloodthirsty knight from the Vikings if there’s even a speck of dust after the pocha. And if you step on the wet floor – god bless you mahn! In short, don’t mess with mom’s pocha. NEVER!

Angry Woman with mop meme

The Decision Maker

“You’re grounded”, “I am busy”, “Who’s gonna fill the water bottles” “Give me your phone” and so on. Mom proclaims the verdict like a knight from the winning team. And yes, you just can’t mess with her when she is armored with belan and chappals. Ouch…that hurts!

Boss mom

The Guardian Gladiator

When you are in the hideout from Dad to save you from his wrath, you know Mom is your protective guardian. From calling out Dad for his doings, she can shut and seal his anger as if she is taming a lion to be a cat. Well, that’s quite a skill! Applause for all Moms out there!

Mom angry on dad

The Agent in Disguise 

She is technologically-challenged, but that does not stop mom from spying you. You talk of James Bond. Nah! Nancy Drew? Bleh! Sherlock Holmes? Nope! Mom’s are the real spies, the agent always in disguise. They really know when you sneak out and what you really did on the crazy night out with friends. Believe it or not MOM KNOWS EVERYTHING!

mom spying on me

The Dabba Seeker

The most unique aspect of a warrior is what the warrior seeks. And all moms are always on the hunt for their dabba. Don’t ever think of losing it! Just the thought can put you in a deep….deep….real bad mess with mom. Her Tupperware is her Kingdom mascot, SHE WANTS IT REAL BAD!

Mom dabba meme

The Cooking Ninja 

Just like…..just let mom sniff a new recipe or dish and she will be already guessing the ingredients in her head, working the recipe, preparing the dish and the next thing you will know is that mom will have it on the plate. She is the real Ninja and yes, you know that when she teaches you to make those gol-gol rotis. 

cooking ninja

The Peacemaker 

You thought disputes settled with a war? You thought only courts could give binding judgments? Well, beyond courts and political mediation exists a dimension of mom’s laws. Both siblings are fighting for more share of cake? None of them gets the cake, settled – yes that’s how moms play the peacemaker, the white-flag waving knight with a cunning smile. 

mom stopping sibling fights

The Knight of Terror 

You try to argue with mom in words and she throws at you arguments probably like an Eminem’s rap song. You can’t beat the master. You can’t win the invincible. Ever tell her she knows nothing and she will probably reveal you things you haven’t even heard about. 

dont make mommy mad

The News Bearer

You come home after a tiring day and mom is already bombarding you with the latest news right from the newsroom. What more, some nasty neighbor gossip and Bollywood masala and relatives did this and that – she has all the news you need for the day and more than you can digest. Reminds of the news bearer warriors running a Marathon! But, Mom’s still faster!

i have news for you

The MOM – Mother on Mission

Doing the chores, running around the house, making food, doing the dishes, managing her work, taking time for the family – that’s a forever MOM – Mother On Mission. And we can’t stop saying WE LOVE YOU MOM for being such a tireless warrior!

warrior mom

Hope you loved this Mother’s Day special blog. Comment & let us know!

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