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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your Geeky Boyfriend!

Geek is the new hot! If you’ve got a sexy, geeky man in your life, indulge his quirkiness with some off-beat gifts specially crafted for geeks around the world! In case you’re completely zapped about what works as a geek Valentine’s Day gift idea, here’s a quick Valentine shopping guide to help you.

Book Readers

Geeks love reading – and they love things that light up even more. Why don’t you buy your handsome geek one of these awesome Light Panel Book Readers. Works for killing two birds with one stone – he’ll be delighted with this quirky little gift, and as a bonus he’s not going to keep you up at night while he’s reading with all the lights on!

USB Drives

Geeks love technology! Get him a funky USB drive, it’s something that he’ll use and appreciate well – and get you bonus points for being aware of, being a non-geek!


Geeks love music, and they’re generally seen casually dressed in t-shirts – even at work! Invest in one of these hand painted tees with something funky made on, and he will definitely love it! You can even personalize t-shirts these days, so you can have something from his favorite sitcom printed on it as well!

Touch Screen TAB

What geek doesn’t love technology? If your budget allows it, invest in a Tab that allows calling and has a good camera, and watch him go gaga over it!

Multimedia Speakers

Indulge his musical side with these multimedia speakers that come in the most awesome colors!


Is your geek an avid photographer? Indulge him with a camera from the Nikon Coolpix range. Bonus: he’s definitely going to take lots and lots of pictures of you on it!

Web Camera

If you’re dating an avid gamer, get him a web camera that he can use for his online gaming. And in case you’re also in the list of gamers, then get yourself one too and make your online gaming experience a really interactive one! Definitely bound to get you “Best Girlfriend of the Year” award and what’s more – when he’s not gaming, there’s always Skype with you over the same webcam!

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