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Types of Valentine’s Greeting Cards with Different Expressions

Valentine’s Day is a day that has always been recognized for its association with love. People eagerly wait for this day in February when they can express their heartfelt emotions to those who give meaning to their lives. With changing times there have emerged numerous ways of sending wishes on Valentine’s Day. But, Valentine's Day cards are still the most popular of them all.

Valentines Paper Cards

Paper is one of the earliest of all media used to send Valentine’s Day greetings. Since forever people have acknowledged their love through messages written on paper. A lengthier message is called a 'letter' whereas a shorter one can be called a greeting. A card carries your love message in brief.

Valentines Handmade Cards

Handmade cards are a Valentine day gift that will never go out of use. The reason for the same is two-fold. There is a lot of effort that goes behind making a handmade card which becomes quite evident to the receiver which makes it a memorable gift idea. Also, these cards have a quality of appearing more personal and intimate as a medium of expression.

Valentines E-Cards

There are some people who find the job of making a Valentine’s Day cards on their own a very tedious affair. To reduce the effort and the planning that go behind making cards can be overcome by sending readymade cards present on the Internet. These are more famously known as e-cards. There is a lot of variety to choose from among e-cards available in the e-marketplace today.

Valentines Mobile Greetings

This term refers to a yet user friendly way of sending wishes across on occasions. These are popularly known as clip arts and are created using combination of special characters or smaller images. Welcome to the world of instant Valentine’s Day greetings.

Valentines Printable Greetings

There are cards available on the Internet today that require taking a print out of the original soft copy present in an e-format. These are known as printable greeting cards. This way of sending wishes bypasses the requirement of making cards on our own. But, the negative aspect of this mode of communication lies in the fact that the print out version of the card may not be very presentable to look at.

Valentines Personalized Cards

These are e-cards or handmade cards with a difference in that they have an additional feature of having been personalized. Personalization involves the name of the sender and the receiver mentioned in the card. This can be taken a step ahead with a customized text or even the picture of the receiver and/or the sender.

Whatever be the mode of communication, what matters the most is the meaning that is to be conveyed. The message in the card should be concise, to the point and well meaning. After all, the message is the most important part in the entire card. The medium which is able to express the message beautifully should be your choice of a greeting.

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