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Romantic Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend on Valentine’s Day

Buying a Valentine’s Day gift for your girl for the first time? We get it, this is a tough time for you. Men are not-so-romantic, and your girlfriend is probably creating one romantic list after another about what she wants to do and what she wants to buy you this Valentine’s Day. Or maybe its that special time when you’re thinking of proposing to her, but of course in a way completely different to all the romantic couples in the world. The first pointer in choosing the perfect gift for your lady love is that “It’s the thought that counts.” Don’t go by what the world says: Let your girl’s personality be the driving force behind the gift you get her. There are girls who would kill for a diamond ring and others who would love a pair of cute socks! We’ve put together a Valentine’s day shopping guide that will hopefully help narrow down this difficult task for you!


The key is attention to detail: pay attention to your girlfriend’s favorite perfume – or maybe the one she’s really wanted to buy since 6 months! Even if it’s a mundane gift, you can make it unique and memorable by putting your heart in it. That will definitely get you “Boyfriend of the Year” award – from her and all her friends too!


Jewellery, whether a diamond ring or a boisterous bracelet, always has a way to find the door to a girl’s heart. The price tag really doesn’t matter, rather whatever you choose, let it be with warmth and love behind it. You can even personalize the jewellery online with a special engraving so it’ll always be her favorite thing to wear. The key is this: choose a piece of jewellery that you think she’ll wear best. And don’t worry about how expensive (or cheap) the gift is. It doesn’t have to be a Tiffany’s, just put a lot of love in it.

Valentine’s Week Special

Make her a bunch of gift coupons for Valentine’s Week… fill them with redeemable vouchers for her favorite things to do. So if she loves cuddling, watching movies, or shopping you can put in vouchers for these activities. One for each day of the week… and get her the most romantic Valentine’s Day gift ever!


A classy watch is a gift that will be well used and appreciated. If your girlfriend has been looking for a good watch, whether for daily wear or a unique party wear one, get her one that she doesn’t already own so that your gift doesn’t spend more time in the drawer than on her wrist.

Personalized Gifts

The best gifts that will make your girl happy don’t always come with huge price tags. Personal gifts are in fact more effective in articulating your hidden feelings, and will be more appreciated. Know what she loves and buy her something accordingly. For example, if she loves writing, then get her a notebook with a picture of you both on the front. If it’s coffee, get a personalized mug, and if she’s told you that she loves you the most, then just get her a photo frame with your favorite pictures together! Make them memories last a lifetime


Spice up your bedroom life by getting her some romantic candles and decorating the whole room (even house if you have the patience). Added bonus: you can personalize them with pictures that are inserted in the wax so they wont fade away. Surely a very romantic gesture!

Handmade Cards, Flowers and Toys

If you’re a creative guy and want to show how much you love her with a unique gesture, make her a big card and pen down all your thoughts about her… from what you felt when you first met her to what she means to you now. You can add in a nice bouquet of her favorite flowers. Maybe even ad in a cheesy message like “These flowers might die, but my love for you will last forever!” These are the memories that will definitely stay with her for a lifetime, and maybe even something that no guy will ever be able to top!


If you’ve reached that stage in your relationship where its okay to gift lingerie, then by all means… This is a great gift! Spice up things in the bedroom by getting her something that you’d like to see her in, maybe even add in a hand–written love note. This special gift will definitely help set the right mood for an amazing Valentine’s Day!

Engraved Wine Glasses

This Valentine’s Day, show her the old-fashioned way of ‘Wine and Dine’. Cook her favorite meal and present her with a gorgeous set of wine glasses with your initials (or a special message) engraved on them.

Romantic Getaway

The perfect gift you can give your sweetheart is a romantic getaway with YOU, away from the hustle bustle of your daily lives. Choose something that you would both enjoy – an adventure trip, a romantic spa weekend or even a road trip! There are many packages available online these days, choose whatever fits your budget. Trust us, she will be really happy with the quality time! There’s no better gift than to be together with your partner and pamper them, after all.

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