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Ten Best Christmas Cakes

Best Christmas Cakes from Around the World

Christmas is round the corner. It’s time to devour some lip-smacking Christmas delicacies! We bring to you a list of the most famous Christmas cakes that you must have this Christmas!

Plum Cake

The Plum Cake started with a humble beginning asa plum porridge. As tradition goes, people would eat the porridge on Christmas Eve after a long period of fasting, using it to line their stomachs after a day of fasting. Slowly, the plum got replaced by dried plums or prunes, which were popular in pies in medieval times. By the seventeenth century however, plums got replaced by raisins and that’s how they’re made even today - barring only that despite the absence of the juicy plum fruit, the cake retained its original name and is still known as a Plum Cake. The tradition remains of people celebrating after their midnight mass with this delicious Christmas delicacy and a glass of wine!

English Fruit Cake

When I picture Christmas Eve, it’s an image of a family cozed up around their decorated tree drinking hot cocoa and eating a slice of fruit cake, while it snows out. That’s the tradition in homes today, although most don#146;t know that the origin of fruit cake was in Ancient Egypt where it was laid in the tomb of a wealthy person as a departure gift to the afterlife. It is said that the more the cake was laden with dates, raisins and almonds, the richer the deceased. Today, fruit cake has taken a more festive nature, being consumed as a sweet addition to a savory Christmas brunch. Just Buy Cakes online on the auspicious occasion of Christmas from and explore you Christmas with happiness. also provide you a single place to make your Christmas online shopping easy and reliable.

Rum Cake

A Rum Cake is a different form of dessert cake, which contains rum. In most of the Caribbean, rum cakes are a traditional Christmas dessert, descended from the holiday puddings made in medieval times. Traditionally, a rum cake is made by soaking dried fruit in rum for months and then adding the soaked fruit to the pre-sugared dough. The rum cake is similar to a fruit cake, except that it has a lighter texture. Spreading further than the Caribbean, the Rum Cake owing to its alcohol content has now become a popular Christmas dessert throughout the world.

Chocolate Yule Log

The Yule Log is a further extension of the usual fruit cake, invented by the French as their traditional Christmas cake. “Buche de Noel” or Christmas Yule log is traditionally made with chestnuts and chocolate – although nowadays it’s found in a variety of flavors all over the world.

Carrot Cake

Cherry Pound Cake

This colorful and delicious holiday cake is perfect for Christmas morning with a cup of coffee! It’s also an ideal gifting option since it stays much longer than other cakes if wrapped properly. The ‘Cherry on Top of the Cake’ being that it looks so pretty and festive!!

Shortbread Cookies

Shortbread originated in Scotland as a result of medieval biscuit bread, and although it was prepared during most of the 12th century, the refinement of shortbread is credited to Mary, Queen of Scots who transformed it to baked, triangular wedges. Shortbread was reserved as a luxury eatable for occasions like Christmas and weddings, as it was very expensive in those days.

Today, it’s one of children’s most associated things about Christmas!

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