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Christmas Gifts for Food Lovers

Christmas Gifts For All The Food Lovers You Know!

With Christmas only a month away, we’ve all started the daunting task of making our gifting lists for family and friends. In my opinion, foodies are the best people to buy gifts for – there’s such a huge range of things you can get them, and this doesn’t even include the world of edible treats! Today as a fellow foodie, I delve into the world of food-themed gifts that I would love to get for Christmas! (Hint hint!)

Wine Cooler

Go the Jesus way (pls check if it’s appropriate to write) and start the holiday season with a bottle of chilled wine! What’s perfect is that you can plan an outdoor Christmas brunch with your near & dear ones, and still make sure you drink your wine at the perfect temperature!

LED Drink Coasters

These awesome decorative coasters glow with a wide variety of colors, gently illuminating glasses with a magical touch. Gift them to your family and friends to make every drink served this festive season look even more special!

Toothpick Holder

Humorous and unique toothpick holder for all those with a funny bone!


Get them one of these suave grills so they can make the perfect grilled cheese!

Cakes and Chocolates

You can’t possibly celebrate Christmas with a foodie without gorging on a delicious cake! You can even get your cakes and chocolates personalized these days, so get one with their face on it and go on the top of their favourites list instantly!

Apple Pie/Scones

Gift someone this Apple Scones hamper, complete with the Scene of Nativity!

Air Fryer

Perfect gift for a foodie as they definitely won’t pack on any extra pounds with the greasy French Fries and Chicken Nuggets they love gorging on!

Salt and Pepper Shaker

Ideal as a reasonable yet classy gifting option!

Dry Fruits and Nuts Hampers

Get your loved ones these nuts hampers so they always have something to nibble on!

Tea Mug and Ashtray Hamper

A funky idea, this hamper is useful for the both the young and the old. It offers a solid `tortoise shell´ ashtray clubbed with messaged coffee shakers and tumblers.

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