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Why Dads are Heroes- My Reason for Father’s Day Celebration

June 6, 2019
Father's Day

This Father’s Day I found my reason for celebrating Father’s Day. It is an incident of my school days. One night when I woke up, I realised my dad hadn’t come home. Worried, but I just wanted to doze off and think about it the next morning. I was sure that he was out for some work.

The next morning when I still didn’t see him, I went directly to my mom to ask his whereabouts. My mom simply replied that he has gone to work again. Thinking it to be a normal day, I just went to bath. To my astonishment, I saw his white shirt all messed up in something red. Out of curiosity, I picked it up to have a close look at the red stains on his shirt. Blood! I screamed. Not understanding the reason for the stains. I got out and called dad to ask what’s been happening with him. I called and on the other side heard his voice (it calmed me as he sounded OK).

Me: Papa why are there blood stains on your shirt in the bathroom.

Papa: Beta nothing to worry about. It’s someone else’s. I will tell you when I am back home.

The whole day I couldn’t concentrate on anything: no school work, no homework, no nothing. My mind just kept going back to his shirt with blood stains. What must have happened, I imagined.

Later in the night, he came as usual. Took out his shoes and gave a breath of relief. He looked tired. I scanned his body from a distance to check if he was OK. To my relief, he was. Then what was with his blood-soaked shirt. With nothing coming to my mind. I directly asked him.

Me: Papa, why were there blood stains on your shirt.

Papa: Because I took someone to the hospital who had met with an accident.

And then he unveiled the story….

Last night when I was coming home, I saw 4 bikers with pillions speeding up on the western express highway. One of them lost control and bumped into a truck parked by the roadside. When I went to check that guy, I realised that he was in a serious state. His arms and cheekbones were broken, all soaked in blood. The guy must have not been more than 18 years old and was riding with one of his female friends who now lay unconscious on the road beside him. His friends upon seeing his condition screamed and were in a state of shock. They just couldn’t make up their mind as to what next they were supposed to do. In no time I picked the guy up and put him in a rickshaw and took him to the nearest hospital. The hospital upon seeing his critical condition just refused to admit him and asked me to take him to Cooper hospital. From there, I again picked him up and took him to cooper. There the doctors upon seeing his condition admitted him immediately. The police were called and they asked me the relationship with the patient. I just said I don’t know him and told them the entire story. The policemen said, “Nobody has the courage to do what you have done today out of fear of being pestered by the police, but you have done a great job.” Later the patient’s parents came and the mother after seeing my dad’s shirt soaked in blood started crying like crazy.

Dads are Truly Unsung Heroes

That day I felt that I had an extraordinary person in my life whom I called dad. I felt so proud that I kept telling his heroic story to everyone with whom I came across. That day, something had changed in me. My father had set an example of how a person should lead his life. How important it is to serve people and help each other in times of need irrespective of who they were.

He didn’t tell me what to do, he just showed me how it is done!

Note: The girl who laid unconscious was actually dead. (This my father came to know when this guy met him again after his recovery.)

A lesson learnt again: Your small act of ignorance can cost someone’s life.

On this Father’s Day 2019, for this dad who is truly a hero, I plan to tell him how much he inspires me with a small sweet gesture. Maybe with a best gifts or men that would help me say what I wish to. What do you say? Your suggestions are welcome!

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