Things You Should Never Say To Your Girlfriend After A Fight

February 5, 2020

That happens more often when an argument becomes a fight and it becomes the reason for the breakup just because of a minor thing that you said unintentionally. It’s best to hold on to your horses and not to utter a single word that can worsen the situation. When attempting to repair a relationship, sometimes a thoughtful gesture like sending her favorite flowers can make a big difference. For instance, choosing the best flowers for a girlfriend’s birthday can show her you care and appreciate her.

We understand that it’s really hard to make a decision over what to say and whatnot. Don’t worry we have got you covered. We have made a list of those ten poisonous words or things that you shouldn’t say after a fight.

Never Ever Say That You Need a Break

Haven’t you learned something from Ross Geller? That “We were on a break” thing cost Ross a big deal. Which is true too. You should never say anything that you don’t mean. It may give a heartbreak to your spouse or girlfriend.

Don’t compare with your ex

It’s a sin. You just never compare two human beings even in normal senses. Because that simply isn’t right. Two people are not ought to be similar. So it makes no point to discuss them in the same light. And in the matter of such a crucial relationship don’t ever compare with your ex, if you don’t want to worsen the situation.

Don’t make personal comments

Please, be decent even if you are really mad at her. Never make personal comments. Don’t abuse or call her ugly or anything. That’s not the right thing to do even in the worst-case scenario.

Don’t put the entire blame on her

Remember, if two people are fighting then both of them are the participants of the quarrel. Then why blame just one? So even if you know that she was at most of the fault. Don’t say that “it’s all your fault”.

“You don’t love me anymore”

Being mad at you never means she hates you. If you care for her and your relationship then try not hurt her by saying untrue things. If another person cares enough to be in the relationship then he/she sure loves to be in love. That never sums up that she/he doesn’t love anymore. Impulsive replies can be really hurting, sometimes.

“People warned me against you”

Hell, NO! Not even in your dreams. Don’t say that your friends or family warned you about her. Remember, you are the one who chose her because you loved her, not them. So don’t build an argument based on a third person’s perception.


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