Why Teacher’s Is Celebrated On 5 September?

June 16, 2017

5 September is the birth date of Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan who was the second president of India. He was a great philosopher and a teacher and his contributions to the field of Indian education and academics are unparalleled. Dr. Radhakrishnan was a very simple, calm and composed man. When his students approached him and requested him to celebrate his birthday with pomp and shows, he didn’t turn their request down. He instead asked them to celebrate this day not as his birthday but as a day to pay tribute to all the teachers. It was 1962 and ever since then, 5 September is celebrated to pay tribute to the teacher all over India and outside. The day is also celebrated to commemorate Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan.


Kids and students love their teachers and long before the teacher’s day, they start hunting for the gifts they want to give to them. Every student wants the gift to be cooler than his peers’ to create a greater impression on the teacher. That is how cute a teacher and student relationship is. The kind of gift to a teacher totally depends on the kind of relationship you share with him or her. High school and junior students tend to have a touchy relationship especially with the female teachers.


Some top-notch gifts for female teachers on teacher’s day;


Female teachers are undoubtedly friendlier than the male ones. We have all attended tuition classes from our childhood and throughout our school days. And we all have that one special teacher from those tuitions we adore. Pay tribute to your aunty next door who taught you grammar lessons when you were a kid. For your teacher who is above 45 years of age, gifting a saree would be an appropriate option. Pearl strings for spectacles would be a really touchy gift for your ageing ma’am. She would truly be overwhelmed with such a thoughtful gift. If your tuition didi is your favorite teacher, then place your bets on the gifts like fancy jewelries from the vaults of IGP.com. You may gift her set of deodorants or a branded perfume as well. She might also love wrist watches as gifts. Sometimes the gift prices overshoot the budget for students. In such cases, you may always pool in some money with your friends and gift her that same gift.


Bowing to Beauty

How can personalized gifts miss a mention!


Personalized gifts create a huge impression that never lasts. Personalized stationeries make brilliant gifts for teachers. Get a personalized pen with your teacher’s name engraved on it. It will be an excellent addition to your teacher’s accessories and will always remind him of you as a good student. A personalized photo notebook will also be a good choice of a send teacher’s day gift. If you are a group of students gifting a personalized photo or message gift, use a group photograph of your with the teacher.


Personalized Cushion and Mug Gift

The list of the gifts seems to everlasting. But apart from all these gifts, the best gift you can give to your teacher is being an obedient student and score well.

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