5 Exciting things to do on Grandparents Day

June 16, 2017

Have you ever wondered what is that one thing that those wrinkly, dove eyed grand angels expect from you in life? It’s love. All our lives, from the moment we were born, our grandparents have held us close to their hearts and given us love and only love each moment. Their special dishes that we cherish more than anything in world, their vivacoius gifts, their shielding us from anger of parents, fun time in parks with them, our bed time fairy tale conversations with them and their abundant tender kisses are all a part of their unconditional, absolutely selfless love. So when we celebrate Grandparents Day on second Sunday of September, we should completely dedicate the whole holiday to making their lives special. What would be better than shopping for wonderful gifts for them? All life they have filled us up with awesome gifts, now it is our time to shower gifts on them.


Decorative Showpieces

This year, Grandparents Day will be celebrated on 13th September, 2015. Instead of being a couch potato on this holiday, rise up and plan something extraordinary for your dear grandparents. Here is a list of some quirky things you can try that will surely enthral your sweet grand angels.


1.) Plan an exotic trip.

A trip to a nearby getaway destination would pull them out of their monotonous routine and elate them with fresh air and change of place. It would be good for their health too. And a whole day spent with you will surely be cherished by them whole life. Take raw material and make your food on the picnic spot. It will be super fun and plus you will get a tip or two for the recipe from your granny that will be helpful throughout.


2.) A dinner date


You always go to dinner with your friends, parents and beloved. On this Grandparents Day get them dressed in their best attire and take them for a sumptuous dinner date to an exotic fine dine. We are sure they will be smiling like never before at this gesture of yours.


3.) Take Grandpa and grandma to a concert or a movie

If your grandparents love music and movies then you can plan to take them to a concert or a movie. Usually you hang out at multiplexes with your buddies and elderly people are less visible in theatres. So for a change hang out with your grandparents and show them a movie of the genre that they would love.


4.) Plan exceptional gifts

There are so many things that you can gift to your Grandparents to delight them. Gift sombre apparels with shades that they love, showpieces and keepsakes with lovely messages for them, idols of God they believe in, bar accessories, classy jewellery, personalized cushions, mugs, photo frames and so on. Delight your sweet grandmother by sending elegant sarees to her on Grandparents Day. Remember their choices might be different and a little less loud.


White Metal Candle Holders

White Metal Candle Holders

5.) Gift them a holiday

The most out of the world experience for your grandparents would be to go on a grand second honey moon. If both your grandparents are of sound health then you can send them on a vacation to a beach location or a hill station where they can relax and go back to their old days. We bet nothing could be more exciting for them then a holiday gift voucher from their grandchildren. What do you think?


Holy Swastik

Over and above all these ideas that can be executed to celebrate Grandparents Day, don’t forget that they do not expect expensive gifts from you Send gifts to Grandparents. They only wish that their children and grand children pay them attention and spend time with them as they did when we were small. So fill your dada ji, dadi ji and nana ji and nani ji with loads of whole hearted love and care to make them feel special.

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