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10 Things To Do At Home On New Year’s Eve

December 19, 2020
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After a challenging year is almost coming to an end, we all are gearing up for the New Year celebrations. Trapped in our homes for almost the whole year, celebrating the New Year too at home can be a daunting task. But, nonetheless, we have some freshly-baked ideas to brighten up your mood for the last at-home celebration of the year. Here’s our delightful compilation of the best ideas of things you can do at home to make this New Year’s Eve worth the wait:

  1. Binge-A-Thon

movie binge

All you need is some freshly-popped popcorn in a bowl and you are good to start the marathon of some of your favorite movies, cartoons, or web series that you missed watching this year. Here’s a hint – Browse a stockful of movies to binge off the coming year.

2. Sing It Out Loud

karaoke night

Set up the Karaoke or sing a Capella with your friends; it is always a good way to welcome the coming year with some favorite songs and melodies that stole your heart.

3. Drench in Romance

candle light romance

Candles? Check! Music? Check! Favorite Dine? Check! And Lo! You are ready to spend a romantic getaway with your partner….looking eyes into eyes watching a year pass away on your beautiful journey of togetherness.

4. Make Memories Count

calendar gif

Turn the year’s best clicks into a beautiful calendar that you will love looking at in the coming year. You can be more creative and make a beautiful memory board to hang on your walls.

5. Unleash The Gamer In You


A good game is a great way to begin a New Year. Whether it is your PS5 or a board game, the fun, excitement, and fervor of playing your favorite game are sure to keep your spirits high for the coming year.

6. Host A Virtual Party

video call party

The trend for a virtual party is in! Stream your favorite music and have a never-ending session of gossip with your homies without even leaving your place. Truly, the best opportunity to connect with the people you missed catching up with this year!

7. Suprise Your Fam 

new year gifts

Gather in some cool gifts, cake, and a handwritten note for your family for a tear-jerking beginning to the new year with love, affection, care, and a ray of positivity and solidarity. Got some awesome gifts for the new year –

8. Go On A Cooking Spree

cooking spree

Raid your fridge and get your ingredients handy, coz it’s time to become a Masterchef and showcase your culinary chops to your friends & family.

9. Donne Your Quirky Avatar



Always wanted to dress like the queen of England or desired to turn yourself into the suave Johnny Bravo? Well, it is the best time to ramp walk in your most quirky attire and get the scores high on your social media profile.

10. End It With A Resolution

new year new me

A New Year is just around the corner and a resolution is on the way! Time to brace yourself for a better version of yourself with some resolutions to stay happy and healthy in the coming year. Let us know what resolution would you pick for yourself and why in the comment section.

So folks, that’s a wrap!

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Have A Blast & Have A Great Year Ahead!!!!





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