Fathers Day

Millennial Dads and What Makes Them So Special

June 18, 2020

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Fatherhood is a blessed journey but do different generations have different approaches to it? Do millennials do it differently than the baby boomers? Have things changed over the years? Unequivocally Millennial Dads are different, even studies suggest that! A recent Pew Research study found that the number of fathers who continue to stay at home to nurture their children has increased by 70% since 1989 but is that it or there’s more to it? Let’s figure out our favorite Millennial Dads and what makes them so special!

They take paternity leave: Had your parents ever imagined that? Sounds like a surreal conception to them, right? But, here’s what’s happening around the world! From Prince Harry to your next-door neighbor, paternity leave is as common as butter on a toast. There’s an Earnst & Young report that discovered – 86% of millennials are less likely to quit their job if offered paternal leave. It definitely shows that men are no longer shying away from their duties as an equal parent.


Fatherhood is a part of their identity: Millennial Dads love to flex their fatherhood skills even on the internet. There’s a boom in digital content where Dads love to show their parenting skills as they truly embrace it as a part of their identity. You might have come across such adorable videos where the Daddy sings with his baby girl or does her braids? “Awwwsome” indeed!


They do household chores: Millennial Dads understand that taking care of the house is an equal responsibility just like parenthood; teamwork makes the dream-work! Now that they’re no longer the sole earners of the family, they participate in everything with much enthusiasm. Their efforts are appreciated and that’s how a happy home should be like, right?


They spend more time with the kids: This is significantly different from the former generation where kids only got to see their fathers at night and during the weekends! Millennial Dads make sure that they spend more time with their kids as a priority because they want to be a part of their lives, they want to be their friends, they want to gain their trust and respect as someone they can come to whenever they feel in need for some guidance.


They become primary caregivers: The concept of being a house-husband is being normalized more and more each year! Dads leaving their jobs to become the primary caregivers to the kids isn’t quite surprising anymore. Millennial Dads have accomplished this as a new age method of parenting and that deserves some applause! Baby Boomers could never…!


Even though society has a long way to go in order to practice this “new culture” but fatherhood has evolved over generations, hats off to the Millennial Dads for making all the difference – Happy Father’s Day!

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