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Top 10 Heartfelt Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Indian Mom (2023)

May 2, 2023
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Importance of Choosing a Thoughtful Gift for Indian Moms

Indian culture gives a revered position to mothers. Heaven is believed to lie under the feet of Mother. It means that children must respect and serve their mothers well to gain access to heaven. Therefore, keeping your mother happy plays a very important role.

Giving mothers day gifts is one of the best ways to convey love and emotions. Therefore, when it comes to Mother’s Day gift ideas for Indian moms, choose a gift for the most crucial person in your life; it has to be thoughtful and meaningful. It tells your mom how much you care for, love, and appreciate her presence. 

Traditional Indian Gift Ideas

Thoughtful gifts can not only strengthen the bond but also bring a positive impact on the mother’s mental well-being. Most mothers love traditional gifts such as:

Sarees and Ethnic Wear 

A saree reflects India’s rich culture, heritage, and traditions. Unique to Indian women, sarees are iconic pieces of clothing in various fabrics, colours, styles, and designs. A saree exudes elegance and charm.

The beauty of ethnic wear remains unbeatable to this day. Flower Power Block Print Saree and Mother’s Day Stylish Gift Set are great gifts to order for your mother. 

Jewellery and Accessories

Another great option is to send some traditional jewellery and accessories that can be worn with sarees and ethnic dresses. The Regal touch and Traditional Antique Gold and Pearl set can elevate the style factor with its unique charm and elegance.

Additionally, you can also make your mom happy by sending her accessories with a traditional touch like Indian Goddess jewellery, Mangalsutra Bracelet, etc. 

Home Decor Items

Moms love decorating their homes with items that hold a lot of memories and emotional value and also with traditional decor items such as Incense Sets, Thinking Buddha, and Feng Shui items.

For those seeking a thoughtful gesture, consider adding a touch of nature with beautiful flowers to give mother-in-law.

You can also send religious gifts such as Sitting Ganesh Hand Painted Wall Decor or Musical Idols. Send your mom personalised name plates or metal stands to add a personal touch.

Personal Care Products

Mothers take care of everyone in the family, but when caring for themselves, they neglect themselves. This Mother’s Day, remind your mother, mother-in-law, and other mother figures to practice self-care.

Personal care products such as Mother’s Day Self Care Hamper, Healthy Hair Care Hamper, and Herbal Skincare Hamper can encourage moms to pay attention to their own well-being. 

Unique Gift Ideas

When you send unique gifts to your recipient, it tells them that you have put a lot of thought and time into choosing a present for them. 


Gift your beloved mother experiences that she can cherish forever. A day in the spa with relaxing massages can give them a break from their daily routine and help them relax and rejuvenate, presenting her with a beautiful bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers can add to the overall ambiance of the gift.

A Deep Cleansing Hamper or a Bath Essentials Set can also reduce stress. You can also book them in cooking classes or one-day adventure activities that allow them to do what they love and brush up their skills or discover a new side to themselves. 

Customised Gifts 

Nothing speaks of love as personalised gifts for mom. Send unique items such as personalised Magic Mugs, Caricatures,  Pop-Up Photo Albums, lamps, jewellery, etc., that she can cherish and treasure for years. 

Subscription Boxes

Book subscription boxes for your mom and mom figures so that they receive your gifts not just on Mother’s Day but every month. You can go for beauty products, self-care and wellness boxes, and other niche products.

Gourmet tea and coffee boxes such as Coffee Delight Hamper, High Tea Deluxe Hamper, and Personalised Mother’s Day Hamper can also make great gifts. 

Books and Literature

Books are mankind’s best friend. In books, we can not only find knowledge and entertainment but also find a world full of possibilities and imagination. Gifting a book is equivalent to giving a lifelong companion to someone. From bestsellers to classic novels, poetry, and memoirs, there is something for everyone. 

DIY Gift Ideas

Just like personalised gifts show that you have put time and thought into choosing a gift, DIY gifts prove that you put in your efforts as well!

Homemade Beauty Products

You can use natural and organic raw materials to make Homemade beauty products such as body scrubs, face masks, and lip balms and send them to your mom to show your talent and care.

No mom can ever refuse something handmade by her children. Use your mom’s favourite scents to make the DIY products more appealing. 

Homemade Food Items 

Whether you are a good cook or not, your mom will love anything made with love. Besides, you do not have to be a professional chef to prepare some delicacies for your beloved mother.

Homemade food items such as cookies, cakes, chat, sweets, and salads are easy to make and become a classic gift. Consider your mother’s favourite dishes and ingredients to wow her on Mother’s Day. 

Handmade Crafts

Handmade crafts such as jewellery, greeting cards, candles, or crocheted or knitted items are a hit with moms worldwide. The Italian Basil DIY Kit and the Peacock Urli Rangoli Set can also give your mom some “me time” by doing something she loves. 

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