Celebration of Krishna Janmashtmi!

June 16, 2017

According to Hindu calendar day the birth day of lord Krishna which is known as Shri Krishna Janmashtami falls on Krishna Paksh of Bhadrapada month. Widely famous as Gokula Ashthmi among Hindus, it is one of the auspicious festivals celebrated every year in India. The history of Shri Krishna Janmashtami highlights the significance of Krishna’s birthday as eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. According to mythical stories, the birth of Krishna (son of Sri Vasudeva and Devaki) on Janmashtami (as Vishnu avatar) was an indication of happiness and prosperity. For the same reason this day is celebrated widely and many rituals associated with the celebration of Janmashtami are performed religiously.


Yashoda with Natkhat Kanha

Fasting for the whole day is one of the important rituals followed by devotees. On Saptmi, devotees keep fast till midnight and don’t eat or drink anything before puja ceremony. It is believed that any ritual performed on this day will is bound to bring prosperity and good fortune. While fasting is the prime ritual performed many people; those who don’t fast enjoy this festival by wearing new clothes, decorating home, and by eating delicious Janmashtami mithai. Moreover, Indian ladies take a step ahead in the celebration and make Panjeeri with relishing ingredients to serve to deities during midnight puja ceremony. They also draw child foot prints with rice flour paste walking towards their house expecting that bal goal Lord Krishna will arrive to bless their family.


Marble Choki krishna

The charm and radiance of this festival is irresistible as this day commemorates with different activities performed by devotees. The celebration of Janmashtami is accompanied with popular Dahi Handi ceremony, which is the main highlight of traditional celebration of Janmashtami. It can be said that out of many other activities, Dahi handi is one of the most awaited activity that spread immense zeal and excitement among those who worship lord Krishna. Dahi Handi is a competition in which different youth team participates and whoever breaks the Handi is declared to be the winner.


Krishna with Cow Brass Idol

Besides this, Raas-leela is also very popular tradition in Brij area which is performed in temples and ashrams. Children too celebrate this day in their own unique way by dressing in bal kahna style. They wear thoti, pagdi and peacock feather and do rasleela. People also give Beautiful Krishna statues to loved ones to bring prosperity, fortune and wealth. A recitation of Bhagwadgita is a popular practise and offerings to Lord Krishna that include fruits, betel and butter are compulsory. The festival is celebrated in the evening as Lord Krishna was born at midnight. In short, this day mark with great enthusiasm all over the country.


Prajapati Brass Idol

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