A Day for the Teachers

June 16, 2017

Teacher’s day in India is celebrated every year on 5 September to commemorate the birth of Dr. SarvepalliRadhakrishnan who was the second president of India. Dr. Radhakrishnan was a teacher and a great philosopher. His contributions to the field of academics and education in India are unchallengeable.

The trend of celebrating teacher’s day began when Dr. Radhakrishnan’s friends and students produced their request to celebrate his birthday in a grand fashion. Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, as a generous personality he was, suggested them to celebrate the day as a tribute to all the teachers instead of celebrating his birthday alone. It was 1962 and since then, 5 September is celebrated as the teacher’s day all across India and outside as well.

Teacher’s day is celebrated in every school and college in India. Students pay tributes to their teachers and show them gratification for being a good teacher. It is said in Sanskrit scriptures that the Guru is bigger than the God himself, because the teacher is the one who shows us the way to the Gods.

All students try to make this day a really special one for their teachers and do certain activities to greet them. Here are some ideas to celebrate a teacher’s day.

How to celebrate teacher’s day at school and colleges?

Personalized cards or message gifts: Craft a beautiful card for your teacher and write a message of gratitude on it for your teacher. A handcrafted card speaks for itself and creates a lovely impression.

If you are not good at handcrafting, you may buy a readymade teacher’s day greeting card online and send it right to your teacher’s doorstep. Get a cushion or a mug customized with a short message, quote or a poem for your teacher. A name engraved pen would be a nice choice of a gift too.

A speech of gratitude for them: Deliver a flawless speech for your teachers at your school or college to show them your gratitude for all the hard work they put in for their students. Make sure this speech is not a cooked up one. The points you mention in your speech must be genuine and it should sound real.

Personalized photo gifts: Gift your teacher a personalized photo gift to enliven their memories with the pictures they shared with their students over years. Find out a picture of them they can’t expect you could find it and enliven their memories.

Customize something of a utility value like a diary, a cushion, mug etc. as they will cherish such a gift every time they take it in use.

Mimicry Acts: Mimicking your teachers is the best way to pay a tribute to them. Find out in your classroom, if somebody has good acting skills. Prepare mimicry acts on your favorite teachers and present the acts before them.

It will certainly entertain them and make them realized how much their students observe them. White preparing the acts, ensure that there is no such point in the whole act that can offend them.

Teacher’s day gift hamper: A gift hamper that has all the things that a teacher uses in his profession would make a perfect teacher’s day gift hamper. A stylish button action pen, a leather cover hardbound diary, a high quality ink long lasting marker pen and much more can be a part of this hamper.

The ideas to celebrate teacher’s day won’t end but the you can easily make sure paying them tribute the whole year by obeying them and learning the best from them.

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